When It’s Too Snowy to Travel — Here Are 10 Recipes to Take You on Vacation

Swedish Meatballs

Snow flurries create gorgeous winter landscapes and a perfect excuse to spend all day by the fire, but snow storms are another story. When icy roads and shut-down highways keep everyone locked inside, make these recipes to travel the world through unique flavors at every meal.

1. Swedish Meatballs

Meatballs hit the spot on a cold winter night, especially when they’re a traditional Swedish recipe. Each meatball could come packed with flavor when combined with nutmeg, allspice and garlic powder. Top with gravy and serve with lingonberries for a sweet and savory meal from across the globe.

2. Curried Beef Stew

When family members request the usual beef stew dinner, transform everyone’s experience by making curried beef stew from Japan. The rich, thick stew is a savory delicacy that doesn’t require much culinary expertise. Combine apricot jam, soy sauce and ginger with a few other spices and chunked chuck roast before simmering everything up to an hour before dinner.

3. Paella Valenciana

Authentic paella recipes are always slightly different, including Paella Valenciana. Spanish families adjust the specific ingredients to everyone’s preferences, so it’s easy to find a version to suit any loved one’s taste palate.

Pork ribs or chicken create the base for butter beans, green beans, saffron and other ingredients. Cook rice in the same simmering broth to make this everyone’s next favorite one-pot meal.

Paella Valenciana

4. Spicy Tacos

The best way to make tacos is to gather the best Mexican filling ingredients. A buffet-style table could contain carnitas-style pork or sliced beef alongside jalapeños, guacamole, sour cream and purple cabbage. Pair the entree with sopaipillas and Mexican sodas for a fun night that will feel like a sunset dinner in Cancún.

5. Pastitsio

Give that trusty air fryer a break so it can receive a deep cleaning by making pastitsio for the night. It’s a popular Greek comfort food that pleases anyone who loves cheesy, savory meals. Line cooked penne pasta along the bottom of a casserole dish and layer it with white-wine meat sauce and homemade béchamel sauce.

Continue layering until the dish is full and bake for 45 minutes. It makes an excellent dinner and stores well. Meal preppers can freeze the baked dish and thaw it overnight if they want to prep this delicious meal.


6. Goulash

Hungarian goulash is the perfect way to warm everyone’s bones during a winter snowstorm. It combines beef stew meat with bell peppers, red wine, tomatoes and traditional spices. Consider spooning it over pasta or roasted red potatoes. Friends and loved ones will want to eat the leftovers for dinner throughout the week, especially if they have thick slices of bread to dip in the thick broth-based gravy.

7. Portobello Risotto

When it isn’t possible to stroll the streets of Italy or dine at a waterfront restaurant in Venice, portobello risotto may hit the spot. The Arborio rice must get constantly stirred to absorb the chicken broth and white wine before combining it with pan-seared portobello mushrooms.

Salt and pepper will perfect each plate before they reach the dinner table. It’s impossible to mess up this authentic, easy recipe, so it’s worth trying when everyone’s daydreaming of an Italian vacation.

8. Argentinian Lasagna

After a long day, one-pot recipes are the best. Argentinian lasagna combines everything in a large dish so everyone can jump under heated blankets right after dinner.

Ground beef, sweet onions and tomato sauce form the base of this recipe. Lasagna noodles top the sauce, then get covered in a mixture of mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese and alfredo sauce. Peas can also join the mix, along with other veggies like broccoli and cauliflower florets.

Serve this meal with a hearty salad to complete a nutritious dinner. The leftovers will stay fresh for the next few days so everyone can take their time savoring each serving.

9. Cassoulet

When families throughout French history craved a bubbling meal on a wintery night, they likely made cassoulet more often than not. It requires simmering beans and meat in a thick broth with whatever veggies everyone prefers. After everything cooks on the stove, the meal browns in the oven until the crust is a deep brown hue. It’s best with hearty slices of bread and a candlelit table setting.

10. Pierogis

Anyone who loves potatoes will likely enjoy Polish pierogies for dinner. Mash well-boiled potatoes with a potato ricer to turn them into a wet dough mixed with framer cheese. Roll the dough into palm-sized balls, boil and roll them into flat circles before filling them with traditional fling.

Pinching the circles into half-moon shapes is the last step before they fry in a pan. The golden-brown bites go best with sour cream, pork rinds and side salads. They also store well in the fridge for a whole week of comfort food.

Enjoy Every International Dish

Getting snowed in doesn’t have to feel boring. Get creative with the next few meals by trying international dishes. Everyone will feel like they’re on vacation and treasure each moment at home.


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