Urban Fashion for Winter

winter fashion

Urban fashion and streetwear are some of the most talked about styles around. And fashion for winter is the best time to showcase these looks, thanks to the ability to layer up and incorporate several garments into a unique outfit.

Arguably, urban winter fashion for women and men has its roots in skate culture and hip hop but has since become a booming business all of its own. Compounded by celebrity endorsements and promotion, it’s common for fans to await the release – a drop – of new pieces from their favorite urban labels with the same anticipation as music albums or new movies.

Puffer Jackets

Canadian rapper and pop sensation Drake created a buzz when he donned a red puffer and laid down some interesting dance moves in his seminal hit, Hotline Bling. And the trend has continued with some companies pushing the envelope further, releasing daring bubble jacket styles in high quality fabrics.

The trick for this fashion for winter is to avoid understated colors and instead opt for bright designs, in your face logos and eye-catching prints. We love the metallic sheen of this year’s bubble coats and removable hoods so they can be dressed up or stay super cozy.


This outdoorsy material is having its moment, especially when it comes to winter fashion for women, with many high-end brands choosing it as a staple of their ranges. A popular look is to pair thick wooly fleeces with glossy shell and nylon items, Nike and the North Face have combined the two into single garments.

As the temperatures start to drop, fleece is a great material to keep you warm and now looking great too. Actors Shia LaBeouf and Timothy Chalamet have recently been snapped in their own take on the fleece trend.

Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts and jackets are back again for another season and they’re well suited to the winter months due to their increased insulation over thinner fabrics. Styling them right so they look urban and cool, and not lumberjack, takes pairing them with a structured pair of jeans – or tapered fit if that’s your style – and wearing open over a complimentary block color t-shirt.

Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey have been known to step out in a range of flannel styles and colors as have rapper Kendrick Lamar and producer/fashion designer Pharrell Williams.


Beanies are functional but can be hard to style without looking lazy. Choose a short skull cap design beanie in a color that suits and compliments your face/head shape. A smart beanie can set off a workwear inspired outfit of a thick work-shirt or denim jacket.

Although bucket hats are more commonly associated with summer styles, they refuse to go anywhere this winter thanks to Kangol’s most recent capsule collab with actor Edison Chen’s CLOT brand. Try mixing up the material of your bucket hat this season with faux fur, shearling and even crochet models but even the thick canvas of a traditional bucket hat will keep you warm.

Baseball caps are a classic option and infinitely varied to find a match to your tastes. Choose a colorful embroidered logo or instead mix up the materials with retro snapbacks or a mesh elasticated 5-panel. There hasn’t been a season for the past decade where a baseball cap has not been an essential accessory and winter 2022 is no different.

Winter Boots

Cold weather footwear is an important element not to overlook. As the sidewalks start becoming perilously slippery, you want to have a pair of winter boots that are up to the task. Think shell-toe duck boots, waterproofed leather and non-slip soles striking an imposing yet classic silhouette.

Although style-minded actor/director Jonah Hill has almost become the poster boy for Adidas Sambas, he’s also been known to rock a pair of ultra-functional lace up boots when the weather turns inclement.

Make sure you’re winter ready with the help of some of the garments featured here. Keep warm, look good and feel great this season.


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