Body shape is seen as one of the most important points to make a person’s appearance more attractive. The body shape that shrinks at the waist and widens in the chest and thighs, which we know as the hourglass body is considered the most ideal and makes women look sexy. Unfortunately, to have this perfect body shape requires a long struggle with diet and exercise. But there is a secret that even women have used for centuries to have a fabulous hourglass body, a body-shaping clothes.

Wearing shapewear is believed to be the easiest way to get a slimmer body instantly. But there are still many people who don’t know it, because basically shapewear is tight undergarment that is hidden behind outfits. People only see the clothes you wear fit perfectly with your beautiful curves. Shhh, they might never guess that shapewear is hugging you beneath the clothes they see!

Anyway, here are some things you need to pay attention to so that you can get all the benefits from shapewear to sculpt an hourglass figure on your body.


When Is The Best Time To Wear Shapewear?

Generally, shapewear is only worn as a formal undergarment behind wedding and party dresses. In fact, shapewear is able to wear every day and will be better if worn when you are doing activities. You can wear the best shapewear for tummy and waist when working in the office. Your office suit will look more fitting and perfect with the shapewear underneath. Wearing shapewear while you work also helps you maintain the correct upright sitting position, thereby reducing back pain.

For beginners, getting used to your body in tight shapewear is very necessary. This is to prevent the discomfort you might feel when wearing shapewear all day. You can start wearing your shapewear for 2-3 hours a day, then gradually increase the length of time you wear it. Ideally, shapewear is worn for 7-8 hours a day.

When you are exercising, it is also recommended to wear workout waist trainer. With the help of slimming clothes, you can feel the benefits of exercise better, such as burning more fat, especially in the belly and waist area. Not a few who wear body shapers to restore their ideal body shape after giving birth. Postpartum shapewear is believed to be able to re-tighten the sagging and distended abdomen to become firmer and slimmer.


How To Wear Body Shaper Properly?

You will get the best benefits from shapewear if you wear it regularly. When attaching it to your body, you must pay attention to the perfect position. Make sure the shapewear is in the right position because if it tilts, it can cause back pain and discomfort. You also have to be in a relaxed state when put the shapewear on. Next, you just have to follow the instructions whether the shapewear you are wearing is a zipper design, hooked up or using velcro adhesive.


What Shapewear Should You Wear?

There are many types of shapewear with different designs, such as bodysuits, shaping shorts and leggings, full body shapers, waist trainer for plus size women and so on. Basically you can wear all kinds of shapewear according to your needs. But most importantly, choose shapewear that is safe and has good quality.

Good shapewear is the one that is made of good material too. Choose a fabric that absorbs sweat well and has a smooth surface so as not to cause an allergic reaction on the skin. Breathable and odor-resistant materials are also important to support your comfort. In addition, choose shapewear that features adjustable straps and hooks, so you can control the tightness yourself. For those of you who wear shapewear during daily activities, it is also recommended to choose shapewear made from light and elastic materials with a smooth design to support your flexibility of movement.


It turns out that having hourglass curves like Hollywood stars is not that difficult, as long as you know the secret and are committed to wear your shapewear regularly. Share this secret with your dearest friends and get ready to look stunning in your hourglass body!


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