The Importance of Staying in Touch with Ageing Parents

We all have a huge debt to our parents, who worked tirelessly to ensure that we had everything we needed and some! Of course, as we grow and mature, things change and before you know it, the time has come to move out of the family home and start our adult life; we all fly the nest, some sooner than others and as we age, so do our mother and father.


This will obviously happen for your parents and this is a time when they can really indulge, hopefully, they are financially comfortable, they can travel around and do all the things they couldn’t do when working. Most retirees fiercely protect their newly found independence and while they welcome contact from their kids and grandkids, it should be on their terms.

Regular contact

If your parents are retired and live in Brisbane, it is easy to lose touch; Skype calls are a great way to maintain a relationship; if dad doesn’t know how much about digital tech, teach him, download Skype onto his smartphone (buy him one if he doesn’t have one), set up the account and you have a real-time video connection. When they get older and need assisted living, there is a wonderful nursing home in Reservoir so you can visit every weekend.

Personal senior alarm

This is a great digital device that elderly people wear like a pendant and it has a big emergency button, when pressed, it contacts a responder in real-time and the operator knows the precise location thanks to GPS.  This is a subscription service that is well worth the money; for a few dollars a month, you have the peace of mind from knowing your ageing parents are fine. Google can help you locate an organisation that runs such a service. The device uses fall detection technology to automatically send a message to a healthcare professional.

Do things together

Sunday is perfect for a country walk, or maybe take Dad to watch a game! This is the best way to spend quality time with your loved ones; you could make it a monthly gig, while fishing is another good hobby to spend time with your dad. Always remember that your parents might be reluctant to suggest a trip, not wishing to distract you from your own family duties. Every couple of months put aside a day or two for your parents and do something they are into. Click here for how to handle a family emergency.


The Australian government offers help regarding aged care and when the time comes, your parents can enjoy assisted living in Reservoir, which means you can visit often. Time never stops and when your elderly parents require domestic help, there are solutions for both independent and assisted living.

It is our responsibility to care for our parents when they require assistance and Australia has a great framework in place for aged care.


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