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To start with, I am VERY grateful for the fact that the mornings are getting lighter. I wouldn’t say i’m bouncing out of bed, but it’s a hell of a lot easier to get up when it is light. The above photo was taken on Wednesday morning at 6.30am, one of my favourite times of day (when the weather is looking promising!). Here is what else I have been grateful for this week:

1. Catching up with old friends in my hometown, and getting to cuddle not one, but THREE new babies!

2. Freddie snuggling up in bed with me on Sunday afternoon, after a lovely lunch out, and him telling me how much he loved me.

3. The fact that daffodils are EVERYWHERE, including all over the house in vases at the moment. Definitely a contender for my favourite flower!

4. Saturday night Dim Sum in front of the telly.

5. Feeling like spring is in the air, and being able to stroll around the fabulous Mudchute farm in the sunshine, and then take a stroll around Canary Wharf, without it peeing down with rain, or feeling that we’re freezing our arses off.

6. Some excellent music being played on BBC 6 Music this week.

7. The fact we are still very much into our Downtown Abbey box set, and are working our way through series 3. GUTTED though that Sybil snuffed it- what was that about?!

8. Not having a hangover, for the 4th weekend running.

9. My gorgeous babies giving me an easy time at the moment, and making us laugh so much!

10. Hot coffee and cake (always a winner!)

11. Watching one of my brothers perform in a play, and feeling uber-proud.

12. Oh, and last but not least, we had the vicar over the other night, and have set a date for our wedding – 26th June 2015!

Becky x


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