Taking Your Child To The Opticians

One of the most important things that you can do for your child is to care for their eyesight. Eyesight is one of the primary senses that help your children to learn and develop, so ensuring it is in the best condition possible will benefit your child. Getting their eyes tested regularly is one way that you can ensure that their eyes are in great health and help to identify any problems that are preventing them from developing. 

What age should children get their eyes tested?

Children should get their eyes tested around the time they start school, or earlier if you notice any problems. Even if your child cannot read, other tests can be used to check their eyesight. The sooner an eye problem is detected, the better, as it will be able to be treated and sometimes prevented from developing further. If you want to get a younger child’s eyes tested, you should contact your local opticians and ask them for any advice they have. 

Some signs that your child needs their eyes testing include having difficulty concentrating, reading with books close to their face or sitting close to the television, and rubbing or screwing up their eyes.

What will the test be like for them?

Children who haven’t experienced an eye test before could get quite nervous at the optician’s. This can be prevented by trying to explain to them a little bit about what is going on. Most places that do eye tests for children will aim to make them as friendly and fun as possible.

Optometrists will use a range of methods to test each eye’s vision depending on the stage of your child’s development. They will measure the eyes’ ability to focus by looking into their eyes with a retinoscope and by using charts made up of shapes, pictures, or the alphabet to assess how clearly they can see. 

When the eye test has been completed, the optician will talk to you about the results and let you know if they need glasses. Even if they don’t need glasses, it is good to go to the opticians regularly so that their eyes can be monitored as they grow.

Choosing glasses

If your child needs glasses, the next step will be to choose some frames. You will be able to get glasses from most opticians, but if you want to buy them online to have access to a wider choice, you will need to learn about how to buy glasses online.

Children’s glasses need to be fun so that kids want to wear them, but also hard-wearing so they can continue to have fun and play while wearing their glasses. It can be a good idea to get them with flexible hinges and nose pads to help cushion them on the nose. Your optician will be able to give you advice on choosing the right pair of glasses.

When your child starts wearing glasses, try to teach them how to put them on and take them off properly. Get them to use both hands, and try not to touch the lenses.


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