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Liberty dining tableNow that the weather seems to be getting nicer (I know I’m tempting fate here!), my thoughts home-wise have once again turned to spending more time outdoors. Whether that’s playing with the children, eating, drinking, reading, whatever- I’m all about creating the perfect space for doing all of these things. 

In my mind, the perfect outdoor space has an area for the children to do their thang, a place we can all eat as a family (and have room for more family and friends to join us), somewhere to lie down and relax when reading a good book or magazine, and then somewhere for evening drinks with chums when the children have gone to bed or are still going bonkers out of the way on the trampoline. 

Every year since she’s been born, Sasha, as a lucky May-born lady, has had a birthday shin-dig in our garden. It always starts small, but every year we’ve ended up with a whole crowd of family, friends and neighbours, and a lovely time has been had by all. This year will be no exception, and with that in mind, I’ve decided to put together a ‘wish list’ of my dream summer garden purchases, with a little help from Harley and Lola. 

Harley and Lola are a fab high-quality, environmentally friendly homeware, furniture, soft furnishings and accessories company. After having a little snoop at their website, I realised their products were immediately up my street style-wise, so I’ve had no trouble putting together a Pintrest board too featuring some of my favourite Harley and Lola goodies. I’m loosely calling my outdoor theme ‘Stylish Outdoor Summer Garden Party Chic’- if that’s not too much of a mouthful!

I’ve gone for furniture and accessories from Harley and Lola (and some other choice places) that I feel mix stylish with party-friendly, and a few bits and bobs that S would also appreciate! I’m looking to create the perfect outdoor sociable space. My outdoor room predominantly consists of black, grey and neutrals in interesting shapes and textures, allowing for a splash of colour with the dining accessories and birthday bunting, but also allowing the beautiful summer flowers and plants in our garden to shine though. I personally don’t like anything too garish in the garden (our lime green slide and brown/green/red plastic playhouse take first prizes here anyway), and find neutrals more relaxing. You can than jazz it all up for party time, whilst still looking sophisticated day-to-day- a win/win in my book!

Here are some of my favourite picks, and do follow my board on Pintrest too!

Liberty dining table

As a family we love our food, and when the sun starts to shine, we like to transfer this love to the great outdoors! Even if we don’t BBQ (which we love to do), we will often cook as usual and bring our meal outside. We adore having lots of friends over to eat and drink alfresco, and this gorgeous ‘Liberty’ Table is perfect for doing so. I would add the lovely Liberty Armchairs too, to match.


When it comes to hosting a bigger gathering, often the dilemma is that you don’t have enough seating for everyone to perch whilst they’re watching their children, or having a quick drink and a natter. This beautiful ‘Tahiti Folding Bench’ solves that problem- you can store it away easily, plus there’s a handy little table in the middle of the two seats, so no more split drinks!


For guests (and you the next day when you need a lie down post-party!), this Port Royal Platinum Day Bed is the business, and has a handy, retractable canopy too. I love this colour (raise your hand if you love grey as much as me), and it looks so swanky and luxurious- a definitely party piece in itself.


For extra shade, especially for the little members of your family, I would add the Amalfi Parasol, also in grey. 


For both day and night, you want somewhere your guests can sit and have a drink or three and relax together, and this Port Royal Platinum Large Sofa Set fits the bill perfectly. 

To create a certain stylish, yet family-friendly safe ambiance I would add the following garden accessories:

Some lovely Bottle T Light holders, hung from branches around our garden…

A Bell T Light on the main dining table and on the table in the sofa area…

 beautiful large and small lighting spheres

…and a gorgeous Large Square Lantern or two on our decking, to keep the party lit way after dusk!

bottle t light ribbed t light holder spheres square lantern

If you want to look and see how I’ve styled the rest of my outdoor party garden, hop on over to Pintrest to see all of these picks, plus bunting for big and small people, outdoor family games, and some gorgeous alfresco tableware and decorations, on my ‘Outdoor Room’ Board.

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What’s your favourite outdoor garden style? Do you have any plans for your garden this summer?


A huge thanks to the ace Harley and Lola for partnering with The Spirited Puddle Jumper.



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  1. April 17, 2016 / 10:56 pm

    That folding bench is gorgeous. I’ve just opened it in a new window as I’ve been looking for something just like it! x

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