Small Garden Changes That Have A Big Impact

When you’re overhauling your property, sometimes subtle changes can resonate better than loud, radical redesigns. The home should always be a layered and dynamic space. That’s why the finer details are so important, representing who you are through a series of nuanced, underhanded elements. Still, some people have turned to gardening as a means of dealing with the pandemic, with more people itching to stay busy and understandably give their lives something of a reset.

But what does this all mean for the garden area? What small garden changes can be made here that’ll ripple out, affecting everything else in the space for the better? Read on after the jump to find out.

Make Space

If you’re working with a smaller garden, then you can soon risk cluttering up the area with each new additional feature you throw in. If you become attached to all these extras, then it’ll all accumulate into a gigantic mess that will require larger changes to fully resolve. It’s been said that small gardens could potentially damage one’s health, so it’s important to be economical with the space available to you wherever possible.

Therefore, one of the most important small changes you can make in your garden is to remove aspects you’re not particularly fond of from the outset. This will give you more space in which to work with or enable your garden to have more breathable space. Either outcome is good enough. In the end, people will often declutter the interiors of their homes before a DIY project, and the same principles should be applied to your garden.

Feature Mirrors

Sticking with the theme on lending your garden a greater sense of space, mirrors can also be an incredibly useful asset in meeting these aims. You can also get very inventive here in terms of how you meticulously arrange them.

Submerge them in shrubbery, and you’ll hopefully create a system in which you can temporarily hoodwink yourself or any guests into believing the garden is bigger than it truly is. It’s certainly a fun dynamic to play with, and if you position them to cover uglier walls and reflect larger portions of your greenery, you can really create a unique effect that’ll charm the viewer and obscure ill-favoured spots in your garden.

It’s also worth mentioning that garden mirrors are generally shatterproof and made from acrylic, so they’re a safe inclusion if you’re wondering about any safety concerns for pets or small children when near them.

If you struggle to angle them more obscurely, you can feature them openly in the garden with a wonderful frame to accentuate the garden’s beauty. There’re many creative avenues to explore here, so don’t shy away from experimenting to see what arrangement works best. 

Hang Windchimes

Few sounds are as soothing as the gentle clanging of wind chimes.

Simple, but effective, these additions to your garden will add a great deal of ambience that’s ever a pleasure to hear. Not only this, but they often feature elaborate designs that are wondrous to behold, so they can add points in terms of aesthetical value too.

Make sure to position them in such a way that they catch a duller breeze, rather than huge gusts and gales. Porch areas are common areas for them to feature, so make sure there is at least some shelter wherever you choose to hang them.

Update the Fencing

Fences are for more than just border control – they also contribute greatly to the aesthetical value of your garden also. They frame your garden with stylish sophistication, and quite literally encapsulate everything your garden is about.

In addition to having a healthy supply of fashionable fence panels, gates, and posts on offer, Buy Fencing Direct also have a plethora of accessories in this arena to choose from too. Brackets, drivers, gravel boards, and post caps – it’s all here to make your fencing fantasies a reality. Their philosophy is ‘high quality, low prices’, and this is proven by their free delivery on orders over £300 policy. Thanks to their help, the process of changing fences or switching out their accessories has never been easier.

Include Birdboxes and Feeders

Sometimes, a small garden changes can usher in swathes of new life, imbuing the area with a fresh, vibrant energy.

After all, creating a wildlife friendly garden is rather easy to do yourself. It might simply involve investing in a few birdboxes, because while they’re exceedingly small, the volume of birdsong they can bring is truly remarkable. Not only this, but they can also be charmingly designed, giving the corners of your garden an extra flare.

Birds can act as a maintenance crew of sorts, swooping up any unwanted pest insects that dare to patrol your garden and chew your plants. Additionally, it can be nice to just see the beautiful creatures flying about and perching nearby. Once they begin to take care of their young in the birdbox you helpfully provided, and nourish themselves from any feeders you can include, a sense of peace and pride will surely wash over you.


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