Sasha is 2!

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Whilst we were on holiday in Spain, our beautiful baby girl turned two. TWO! I don’t even know how that happened.

It was sort of a weird day of celebration, as we’d already hosted a little party for her, had a homemade Peppa cake and let her open pretty much all of her presents, bar a couple of books and DVDs that we could bring away with us in our suitcase for her to open on the actual day, so I actually felt that she’d already properly celebrated. You can tell i’ve never been away when it’s been a loved one’s birthday, huh?!

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Either way she appeared to have a great time. We did the usual beach, pool and ice cream trio, which when you’re a toddler on holiday means everyday is like your birthday. Adam and his Dad picked up a chocolate gateaux cake from the local Spanish bakery, so we did the whole blowing out the candle again, much to her (and our) delight, and spent a leisurely early evening playing on the beach climbing frame, before having a special dinner.

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I think that when you have number two (or any other subsequent children), the time just seems to fly even faster. With Freddie, every week was a huge milestone, every month waiting for that next stage to be reached. With S, she just seemed to get carried along for the ride, and went ridiculously quickly from being a practically mute, easy going tiny baby, to a fierce, independent, opinionated little lady, interspersed with bouts of adorable verbal diarrhea. F was a pretty early talker, but you really do forget sometimes that she’s only just turned two. Some choice phrases include “Deee-licious, Mummy!” (about pretty much any food), “Naughty, MESSY, MUMMY!” (Said just for the hell of it), and “Pick a WINNER” (Whilst trying to stick her finger up someones nose). I know every parent thinks their child is a genius, but I’m not too worried about the grey matter here (unless looking for easter eggs) as I suspect she’s fairly bright, going by some on the things she says and does.

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She loves her brother (most of the time), and is a very cuddly little thing, telling us all how much she loves us, but my word does she have a temper! The stomping across the room with the head hanging would put any budding ‘Kevin’ to shame. In bed at night though she’ll try and coax you back in the room with “just one last kiss and cuddle please”, which, of course, we’re all suckers for. At the moment lots of sentences start with “Don’t like…” (insert random target of the day’s disgruntlement). So far we’ve had “Don’t like…” roofers, mans (totally sounds right at home here in SE London), stingrays, sharks, jellyfish, next door’s dog, the list goes on. “But I like ladies!” she frequently says, which is good, since she is the female of the species.

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Current objects of affection include babies, Peppa (natch), sandcastles (this is a particularly non-amusing interest for me when she uses full yoghurt pots in place of buckets), the car garage, shells, and taking Freddie to pre-school. Preschool is where she can’t WAIT to start, and I’m frequently having to carry her out of there kicking and screaming when it’s time to drop off Freddie. This is one child I am NOT worried about leaving there come the New Year!

So Happy (belated) Birthday to our fabulous and fearless little S, we can’t wait to celebrate many more with you!



  1. Sasha
    May 22, 2014 / 8:29 pm

    Happy birthday sweet girl! I LOVE your photos and looking at your pretty girl! She has the BEST NAME EVER!! 😉

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