Remembering Wedding Planning 2 years on

On Monday it will be our 2 year wedding anniversary. I mentioned to Adam last night about how much I would love to re-live our wedding day, but how relieved I was not to be planning it anymore! Don’t get me wrong, I think I did quite a good job of not being a Bridezilla (having 2 small kids at the time will do that to your time to actually overthink the finer details), but there were definitely certain areas that were more stressful to organise than others. 

Venue logistics aside that were quite complicated (we hired a local favourite restaurant for our daytime shennanigans, and a party boat on The Thames from Greenwich for our evening do, styled by the lovely Bonnie), I guess the other area that was more of a headache to sort was my bridesmaids dresses. 

Okay, so maybe this was the one area where I was a teeny bit Bridezilla-like. 

With a team of fabulous ladies who have come into my life since I started uni, and having no sisters for an obvious maid-of-honour choice, I ended up choosing 7 adult bridesmaids for my wedding squad, and 6 flower girls. This was all well and good, but I hadn’t thought through the logistics and hurdles of dressing 7 women who are all of very different heights, sizes and boobage- bridesmaid dress shopping became somewhat tricky, especially as one of my bridesmaids lives in Indonesia and wouldn’t be around for proper fittings. 

I’d decided that I’d quite like Navy for the dresses (I’m not really a pastel weddingy person), and they would go beautifully with the gypsophelia that I’d picked to be the main anchor-flower of our day. 

But where to start looking?

I quickly realised that having so many bridesmaids would bump up the cost of our wedding budget (whoops), so I began to gravitate towards the high street in my search for the perfect dresses, and it also meant I had more chance of being able to return them if needed once my pals began trying them on. One of the places I hit up first was Coastand I knew from past experience that they did some stunning dresses for more formal occasions, and that here might be the place to find the perfect dress for everyone. I wanted my bridesmaids to look elegant, but not ‘obviously’ bridesmaids, and browsing the Coast site what they had to offer didn’t disappoint. I did, in fact, end up ordering several of their dresses for my friends to try on, all classy, elegant and ‘non-obvious’, and went for 3 different styles of dress in the same colour to compliment one another. 

I was so pleased with what we ended up with, and I thought my girl tribe looked stunning.

What more could a bride want?!

What were your bridesmaids dresses like when you got married? I’d love to know!


*In collaboration with Coast



    • Becky
      June 21, 2017 / 10:27 am

      Thanks lovely, time seems to have flown by!

  1. June 21, 2017 / 12:05 pm

    Ahhh such a lovely photo. I will have to pick your brains about local bridal places – I’ve tried nothing on yet and don’t really know where to start, eek! Having also chosen 7 bridesmaids, this post was a really helpful read. I think I am going to pick a colour scheme and let everyone choose their own dresses, seems like the simplest way.

  2. Sarah
    June 21, 2017 / 11:28 pm

    We did Coast too as I wanted something the girls could wear again. They had such a fab selection we ended up picking both a bold print with ivory, taupe and pinks for the bridesmaids and a dress for my mum in a matching tone of the deepest pink. You can’t go wrong with Coast! We had every little girl who was coming to the wedding under the age of 11 be a flower girl if she wanted – we ended up with 14 – but asked them to wear something in pink or white that she already had and then supplied a big selection of accessories so they could style themselves with the extras. I hope it was fun for them, it was certainly a little more budget friendly and meant they all got to join in (and actually looked great looking back as they all look comfortable and confident and totaly themselves). I love the different dresses in the same colour for your bridesmaids I think it works brilliantly.

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