Projects to increase your home’s value

Home improvement is currently at the forefront of people’s minds, but it’s easy to get carried away with too many competing ideas.  This could lead to money down the drain on ill-thought out projects.  So, what improvements can you make that will increase your home’s value and give you the most return for your investment?

Make enough space for two cars

Off street parking will always add value to your home.  Most households have at least one car, but increasingly families are now running two cars. So, having space to keep them off the road is a massive plus.  Of course, you can only do this if you have the space, but if your driveway can be adapted to accommodate two cars, this will only add value. 

If you are thinking of creating extra parking space at the front of your home, make sure you avoid turning it into an unappealing grey tarmac square. Use block paving or coloured resin, and a sweeping curve to make it neat and attractive.  Border the drive with some greenery, even if it’s some simple bay trees in planters.  This will soften the look of the hard surface.

If you can’t go out, go up

If you’re not sure about extending your property outwards, you could always consider going up into the loft.  How much you spend on converting your loft will depend on a couple of things; the construction of your roof and the type of finish you go for.  It’s worth noting that loft conversion prices do vary enormously, from around £15,000 to £70,000.

You could go for a simple conversion with a few Velux windows. This is great for adding an extra bedroom or playroom for instance.  Alternatively, you could spend a bit more and go for Dormer windows to create a bit more space.  This is perfect if you’re planning that dream master bedroom with ensuite.  Either way, carefully planned a loft conversion will only add value.

Install bifold doors

Bifold doors are now high on homeowners wish lists, thanks to their popularity on home improvement shows.  You might have considered installing French doors or a conservatory, but it may be worth considering this new trend and fitting bifold doors instead. 

Modern family homes have become more open plan, with people enjoying seamless living, from lounge to kitchen to dining.  Now, with the option of bifolds, the garden is another addition to this lifestyle, creating a fluidity between the indoors and outdoors.

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