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Earlier this year, our family was over the moon to have been chosen as ambassadors for ‘Springfree’ Trampolines. I really couldn’t believe our luck, as we had been looking to buy the children a trampoline for a while, and I had been seriously impressed with what I saw from Springfree, back in May at Grand Designs Live. 

Over the summer, our trampoline got a SERIOUS amount of bouncing, much more than even a Springfree-convert like myself anticipated- it was used morning (sorry again, dear long-suffering neighbour, Linda), noon and night. I remember sitting there one hazy evening (ok, possibly the large glass of Pinot Blush had something to do with this), watching Freddie and Sasha jumping around in fits of giggles, and thinking just how lovely it was, and how lucky we were to have such an ace addition to the household. 

What I was interested to discover though, was how much would we actually use our Springfree Trampoline once those halcyon summer days were over, the kids were back to school and preschool, and the those long, dark nights crept up on us. I was also keen to see how the trampoline would wear in bad weather, especially since our garden has turned into a minor mud bath due to a wet-ish summer, and now predictably gloomy weather. 

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Well, actually, I have been rather surprised at just how much we HAVE used it so far this Autumn/Winter! 3 days a week, Freddie finishes school and then has an hour to kill before we pick his sister up from preschool, so will often come home and have a bounce, then a drink and snack. No matter how busy the day at school, this small boy STILL always seems to have bags of energy! Sasha has still continued to use it a few times a day on the days she’s not at preschool, singing to herself whilst jumping, and practicing her seat drops.

The thing that I think surprised us all in our family, is just how much I am using it. On the days the kids are at school/preschool, I drop them off, come home for a cuppa and do some work, before having my 20 minute bounce on the Springfree. It seriously clears my head, and with the risk of upping my pretentious wank-o-meter, it helps me gather my thoughts and think creatively. Blows the cobwebs away if you like. I’m sure my neighbours still think I’m a bit weird, but it really is the best exercise and it’s become part of my routine now. It also means I no longer run much in public thank god. Of course, on a weekend both Adam and I have fun with the kids on it, and we’ve really enjoyed our new family ritual of trampoline basketball, thanks to the new addition of our attachable basketball net and Springfree ball!

springfree xmas

So has our trampoline withstood the typical wear and tear that comes with small children, and often rather exuberant adults (*cough* gin-fuelled-BBQ-Party-bouncing *cough*)?

It sure has! The step we were provided with has worn well, and the netting is still in perfect condition. We were told that we might need to sponge down the trampoline net with warm water every now and again by the guys who installed it for us, as the position of it is by some fit trees that could rub ‘green stuff’ (technical term there) onto the net, but so far this hasn’t been the case. Once or twice a week I clear leaves off by hand or use the hand-held hoover for smaller bits (Mini Dyson, I love you too), but otherwise the maintenance of such a decent-sized piece of equipment has been thankfully low-key. I was worried about the basketball net in those horrible gales last week, and kicked myself for not taking it down, but even that stayed up securely attached, when other garden furniture was being blown around. 

041 040

What I can say is that the novelty definitely hasn’t worn off for anyone, which I’m relieved about, as otherwise it’s a ruddy big bit of equipment to be looking at us through the kitchen doors 24/7. Which to be honest isn’t dis-pleasurable. Now we have a loft room I can spy on we overlook several neighbouring gardens, and we are by far winning my imagined battle of the trampolines. Ours really is the business, something confirmed by impressed friends who have been over to visit these past few months. And I know this is horribly sexist, but when you get a man seriously interested in a piece of play equipment, you know you’re onto a winner. 

It sounds cheesy (okay, it IS cheesy), but I really couldn’t imagine life without our Springfree Trampoline now. It also does an excellent job of hiding our ramshackle garage at the bottom of the garden. 

What better Christmas present could you give your family?! Especially if your house if full-to-bursting with toys already.

Just tell your children that Father Christmas uses an extra-big sleigh, with multiple, ridiculously strong reindeer to get it to your house 😉


The good news is that in order to make your Christmas-bouncing-dreams come true, and to have the opportunity to burn off all those mince pies and glasses of Baileys, Rainbow Play is offering an AMAZING Black Friday deal this Friday 27th November 2015, on all of their Springfree trampolines: 


Some lovely chaps/chappettes will come to your house free of charge to install your new trampoline on a date that suits you, and you can also choose either a Flexrstep, or FlexrHoop to go with the new member of your family. 

So what are you waiting for?!

Call Rainbow Play on 08444 938080, and speak to someone who can help make your Christmas a Springfree one!


Installation and delivery offer valid for mainland UK only, excluding Scotland highlands and Islands. Additional charges will apply for these areas and may not be available in all areas. Accessories part of this promotion include a free FlexrHoop™ and FlexrStep™ with the purchase of any regularly priced Springfree Trampoline. No substitutions or exchanges. Promotion available November 16 to 30, 2015 and may not be combined with any other offer or promotion. While quantities last. Springfree Trampoline reserves the right to limit, discontinue or replace this promotion without notice.


*PS If you’re impressed with the outstanding quality of these festively Paint-shopped photographs, and wondering why I’ve chosen now to display my artistic talent, it’s because I accidentally dropped my big camera, complete with photos, hours before writing this up. At this time I’m unsure as to whether or not the camera can be saved! 🙁 


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  1. November 26, 2015 / 12:36 pm

    These trampolines sound fab hon, and what an amazing deal! I’ve just shared for you xx

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