Our May Bank Holiday Weekend in Dorset

I’ve been meaning to write this post up for ages, but you know how the time runs away with you? The May Bank Holiday just gone we were lucky enough to be invited down to Dorset by our good friends, Luke and Becky. Luke’s parents moved down to a small village just outside Bridport several years ago, and they have a beautiful, large place with lots of room to stay, a stunning garden and a swimming pool. We’ve been to stay a few times before, but not since Freddie and Sasha were toddlers. They didn’t remember their previous stays at all, which meant that to them this trip was very exciting and pretty much a brand new adventure for them.

We couldn’t wait to go back to spend a weekend with lovely people, plus it’s such a stunning part of the UK that we nearly bit their hand off when they asked us!

We were so lucky that the weather was absolutely glorious (we could’ve easily have been abroad). We went down to the beach once during our trip, but to be honest because the weather so great and where we were staying so wonderful and chilled, we just decided to hang out in the garden and by the pool a lot of the time. The kids had a brilliant time, and it’s so nice to get away from London sometimes – and remember that other parts of the country really do exist 😉

We were treated to amazing food and drink, a top notch BBQ, Freddie was obsessed with collecting eggs from the chickens, and we went on a fab scarecrow walk around the village with the kids (it’s an annual competition for the villagers, and this year scarecrows were movie-themed!).

Here are some photos of our weekend away…

sconesrum and raisin ice creamWatch House Cafe West Bay Dorsetdaisies and buttercupsblue chicken eggrhubarb flan

Do you know Dorset at all? Where do you usually stay? I’d love to hear!

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