New Year, New Clothes with Vertbaudet

Happy New Year! Whilst for me 2018 is all about decluttering and streamlining my own wardrobe, thankfully these three little cherubs of mine keep growing and continue to give me my regular shopping fix! When French children’s brand Vertbaudet got in touch and asked if I’d like to try out some clothes for Freddie, Sasha and Arlo, I jumped at the chance. We haven’t actually shopped there before ourselves, but I’ve been wanting to for a while, having seen and watched a great many reviews online and also on YouTube, with many, many parents saying what great quality the clothes are. 

So with Vertbaudet giving me free rein of their website and letting me select a wardrobe fit for a stylish little one (or three), this was the perfect chance to try out some new threads and put them to the test….


When it comes to baby clothes for all three children, I’ve always wanted items that are quirky in design, yet that aren’t too ‘fussy’, are soft, and wash well. After all, babies get messy -quickly- so clothes for tiny tots need to withstand A LOT of washing. Arlo roadtested several items from Vertbaudet’s baby range, including this gorgeous blue knit with bike motif, and comfy grey fleece trousers

I like babies to feel warm in the winter (obvs) but also to be able to move freely and not be too restricted. Among other items that we chose was this cheerful yellow striped knitted cardigan, and white jumper with bear motif. I’m happy to report that all the items from the baby range washed well, and it’s worth noting that they are true to size in both tops and bottoms, so no funny sizing and guesstimating here. 


Now Freddie is nearly 7 (and because he’s tall, more like age 8 size-wise), I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find clothes that are, well, nice. There are so many great baby and toddler boy clothes about right now, but once a boy reaches 5 or 6, it seems that boring designs/grown up ‘street’ slogans are the only options out there (don’t even talk to me about this year’s hunt for fun wellies that weren’t superheroes in a size 1). Freddie wants comfy and ideally fun, I want the same for him, so I was actually quite spoilt for choice when browsing the Vertbaudet website for his age range. 

We chose together this cool ‘Cars’ sweatshirt and bright red fleece joggers (Freddie isn’t a fan of wearing jeans often as he feels restricted in them), and he loved them. Once again they felt soft and washed well- big thumbs up here. He loves character clothing (unlike his Mum!) and this sweatshirt was pretty cool and not too ‘in your face’! 

I also chose for him and LOVE this lined cardigan, that along with these blue snow boots, will be perfect for our ski trip in a few weeks time. 


Sasha’s wardrobe seems to be slightly larger than the boys’, so I shopped for them more on this occasion, but I did choose this super-cool purple ‘fox’ motif roll neck that S adores. I’ve never actually bought a roll neck for her, possibly subconsciously as I don’t buy them for myself (broad of back, large of boob, tends to make one look like one big boob). However, since S doesn’t have to worry about anything like that for many years, I thought we’d give one a go, and I have to say it looks ace on her- a perfect look to dress up or down! 

I’m so chuffed with what we chose, and it’s great to step into a new year knowing that the kids have some quality clothes that look fab- I’m off to shop their sale myself now for some more bits and pieces, and I’ll try not to get too carried away! 

Have you shopped at Vertbaudet before? Any favourite sections that I should pay close attention to?

I’d love to hear!


*Thank you for Vertbaudet for working with our family on this post, all words and opinions my own. 


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