My BritMums Live Agenda

Wowsers, it’s only a day to go until Britmums Live begins! It feels quite odd that I’m attending this year, as I was really close to going last year when I had my old blog, but decided not to at the last minute as my love for it was waning. Fast forward a year, and I am in love with blogging and this blog, and it’s given me a great new lease of creative life. As someone with a journalism degree, it’s sparked a love for writing again. I can’t praise it enough! I feel like a one-woman newspaper/magazine/feminist/photographer/brand endorser. It’s SO empowering, and even if hardly anyone was to read it but my Mum (Hi, Mum!) I would still do it.

So, that brings me back to Britmums Live. I guess what I am most looking forward to is being inspired, full stop and a night of decent sleep in a posh hotel. I’m hoping to come away full of ideas for The Spirited Puddle Jumper, plus make a few new friends and meet some of the bloggers that I’ve been stalking following  for the last couple of years! business card side 1 final business card side 2

So… with my business cards at the ready, this is my plan of talk/workshop attendance for the weekend…


  • How I Did It: Success stories from high-profile bloggers
  • The Power Blogging Can Bring To Your Life


  • How To Be An Agent Of Change: Advocacy and charity campaigns
  • Pintrest: How to be a power pinner (I REALLY want to attend this)
  • SEO: Useful tips on the power of SEO and the world beyond keywords (I probably should attend this, I know sweet FA about SEO and I know it will be good for the blog!)
  • Photography with Julia Boggio
  • Food Styling & Photography
  • How to Instagram Better
  • Tech Knowledge: Things you didn’t know you can do, but you can!

I really hope that I come away having felt that I’ve learnt something new (hello, SEO knowledge!), but most importantly, fired up and continue to enjoy writing and photographing for my blog.

If you’re going, would be great to know which sessions you think you might be attending, and if you’re planning on attending any of these- please do come and say hi if you spot me!

See you next week on the other side!





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