Make your loft more pleasant and usable, with these tips

loft roomIn many homes, peeking your head through that tiny square in the ceiling and checking out the loft isn’t particularly inspiring. Unless you’re handy with tools and interior design it can look like what’s up there is nothing more than awkward space, and maybe a lot of dust! But loft conversions wouldn’t be so popular, if they weren’t also wonderfully practical.

Whether you use it for storage right now, or it’s simply a gap between your bedrooms and the roof – here’s how it can become a pleasant, functional living space.

Step 1 – knowing your loft

For starters, have a wander round your neighbourhood and decipher which homes have already had some sort of loft conversion. If you see a Velux window, or a roof that’s been extended to create a room, you’ll know that a loft conversion on your home is an option. recommends asking your neighbours if you could take a look at their loft too. This way, you’ll know what sort of loft conversion, whether it’s a dormer, mansard, hip to gable, or other, is possible.

Step 2 – getting a professional opinion

If you know someone who works in, or runs a roofing business, give them a call. Even if you have to look for a local contractor yourself, such as this roofer in Morrisville, PA, and ask them to give you a quote, this puts you closer to envisaging what’s going to be possible. 

Naturally, the contractor might put a little bit of pressure on you to make a decision, and progress with the loft conversion, but they should also give you plenty of time to consider it too.

Step 3 – deciding what you need

At this point, you’ll know how much space you have to play with, how much it will cost to achieve, and what sort of work will be involved in integrating the new loft space with the rest of your home. Now is the time to ask yourself what you really want.

Is it a full loft conversion, with a new study or bedroom? Or would loft boarding do the job, giving you an abundance of extra storage space, in a far more pleasant loft than you own right now? If this second option is more appealing, at least right now, consider specialist companies like Instaloft to complete the work.

Step 4 – getting your head around furniture

If it’s the new room you’re opting for, then congratulations! You’ll soon have an entire new room that wasn’t even there when you moved in! But those sloped ceilings and quirky walls certainly do look awkward to furnish, don’t they? Fear not though – your contractor may already be well ahead of you, and designing purpose-built storage for your new room.

If not, ask them who they know that could take care of this tricky job. Unfortunately, any furniture you already own might not be a good fit for the loft, in terms of maximising space. Nonetheless, once you’ve worked out how much space there is under the roof, and got your head around the unusual dimensions involved, you’re well on your way to furnishing your new, unique room.


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