Keep Your Family Safe Online

If you use a computer, you appreciate that there can be dangers attached to it. From cyber attacks, to breach of security and other problems. If you are a business owner, it can affect your business and if you are a parent, it can pose a threat to your family, too. A lot of families have multiple computers in the house and more than often our kids will have their own computer, so it’s not easy to track what they have been doing online. Being aware of dangers, of all types across the board is vital in today’s world.

There are three basic rules to adhere to which can help your family stay safe online. Limit their usage. Set boundaries for online/phone usage. Give your family a talk about the dangers and make them aware. Once these are set into place, you can then go ahead and look at further ways to keep your family safe. If you are still wondering what the dangers of the internet can bring, then here are some examples of problems that can arise:

  • Cyber bullying or attacks.
  • Loss of personal information.
  • Financial information stolen.


Are there ways in which to stop this? Of course there are. Thankfully there are lots of ways to keep the family safe as well as protecting information and your business, if you run your business through digital methods. 


  1. Don’t give out personal information even if the site seems legitimate, unless it has the padlock icon in the link. 
  2. Don’t talk to strangers – an age old rule that we instil into our kids but this should be adopted into adulthood. 
  3. Never meet with an online “friend” in person, unless you are with someone else, such as a parent. 
  4. Don’t respond to strange requests – ignore and block as often as you feel necessary. 
  5. Do not accept online messages from strangers. 
  6. Never share your password – also look at having a very secure password that can’t be easily hacked. 
  7. Set boundaries.


You may also want to look at monitoring your family’s phones and ensure that you know their locations and who they are talking to. As this link explains, you can safely track phones without them even knowing, so you can carry on your life in peace without the worry of your family not being safe. You can keep track on your kids’ locations, so when they tell you they are going to the cinema, you can be sure that they are there and if they are at an unfamiliar location you can follow through and ensure that they are OK or go find them if necessary. Keeping your family safe online is something that you must certainly keep on top of and be vigilant with. The internet is becoming more savvy every day which means new risks are popping up every day and so with the right security and knowledge of what could go wrong, you are arming yourself with the very best information to protect your family 100%. 


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