How to keep pets safe during Christmas preparations

It doesn’t matter whether you’re hanging the bunting or wrapping presents, your playful pets are going to want to be involved in whatever’s going on, at all times. It’s in their nature to be nosey and try and get involved, which is why it’s so important to keep them in mind when doing your Christmas prep. Whilst you may not think that leaving a box full of string on the floor could be dangerous, you may find your cat has other ideas and you don’t want them getting caught up and trapped when they were just trying to play! The following tips have been selected to help you make sure your pets are safe and sound throughout the preparation process.

Boxes and Bags

When you finally come around to digging out all of your Christmas decorations or adding new ones to the pile, you’ll have that exciting process of unpacking everything and remembering all of the gorgeous decorations you bought last year. Whilst your unpacking your decorations and sitting them on the side to see what you have, you may not notice your cheeky pup playing with the plastic bag that once held the Christmas baubles, or the string that was used to tie the lights together. Items like these can be very hazardous to dogs and cats, from suffocating to choking, so it’s really important to put these away or throw them in the bin before your pet can find them and start to play. The same applies to boxes, as you don’t want your cat to climb into a box full of empty plastic boxes or wrapping which could result in them choking on something or trapping themselves in the small space.

Candle Safety

To a small dog or cat, a shiny candle can seem very intriguing, especially when they smell so good. If you’re not careful, you may find your cat or dog strolling up to the candles and giving the flame a quick lick or touch of the nose, which will instantly burn them and cause them a lot of pain. Similarly, you don’t want any long, furry tails to swipe past the candle and knock it over, or catch alight, as this could cause a serious fire within your home. Be sure to position your candles out of reach from pets, to ensure no paws or tails can cause any disruption!

Close the Loft

This may seem like a very strange tip, but making sure your loft is closed after bringing down the decorations is very important. If you leave the loft hatch open with the loft ladder hanging, you never know which cheeky kitty may try and go on a little adventure and climb their way into the loft. The last thing you want is for your gorgeous cat to get trapped in the loft, or fall off the ladder that was left there, tempting them to play.

Animal-Friendly Snacks

Preparing the delicious Christmas meals in the kitchen is such a great project, especially with all of the gorgeous smells that filter through the house and add a really homely feel. For your pets, they’ll instantly smell food and want a piece of the action. Make sure you’re careful with everything you’re cooking, as a lot of food consumed over Christmas is not good for your pets. From turkey bones to nuts, you need to make sure there are no scraps dropping onto the floor or being left on the table for your pets to help themselves too. To try and prevent them from being greedy and searching the house for a snack, treat them to some animal-friendly goodies that they may not have had before.

How do you look after your pets at Christmas?


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