How To Style Ottomans In Your Home

An Ottoman is a decorative piece in itself. It is also sometimes referred to as a footstool or hassock, which shows it serves a functional purpose as well. People use ottomans as a substitute for cocktail tables or as a space-saving storage ottoman for small items in their living room. This portable furniture piece can add some flair and colour to your interior space, but that depends on how you style it. Here are a few tips for styling your ottoman that you should know:

Add a Colourful Tray

Most ottomas have a soft surface covered in fabric. The last thing that’ll come to mind is resting drinks or a vase of flowers on this surface. But you can do so by simply adding a colourful tray on top of your ottoman. Now you have a solid surface that serves a functional purpose, and you can decorate further with stacked books, magazines or a colourful flower bouquet if you want.

Choose an Ottoman With a Contrasting Colour

Most modern home designs have a bland grey or white colour palette that may sometimes feel boring. You can add some visual interest to spaces like this with an ottoman. Pick an ottoman with a contrasting colour like pink or yellow to create a colourful contrast with the neutral colour scheme you had before. You can also choose a colour that pairs neatly with other accessories, such as cushions and rugs, creating a cohesive look.

Match Your Existing Decor

You can also swing things in the other direction by going for cohesion instead of contrast. An ottoman that fits neatly into your existing decor can still create a stylish connection between all your existing furniture pieces and enhance the already united ambience of your space. So, instead of picking a contrasting colour, go for one that fits into the existing colour scheme.

Try a Patterned Ottoman

Most people just pick an ottoman with plain, vibrant colours. But one way to add colour to your space is with a patterned ottoman or one with rich prints and designs. It’s a bold choice, but one that can add some character and personality to your space with its playful texture and pattern. If you have a regular plain ottoman, you can also choose to accessorise by throwing a patterned fabric on it.

Pair With Another Furniture Piece

An ottoman is hardly a standalone furniture piece. It pairs well with other furniture pieces, and you can explore different styling ideas based on this. An ottoman-accent chair combo can create a relaxed vibe in your living space. You can also pair it with a coffee table or even as a footrest next to your bed. Why buy one ottoman when you can buy two? Two pretty-looking ottomans can add some balance to your space while also providing an extra surface for seating, display or any other purpose you have in mind.

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