How to Stop Money Ruling Your Life

It’s really not exaggerating to say that a lot of people let money rule their lives. As humans, we all rely on money to some extent and having it can certainly make our lives easier, so it is not surprising that this should be the case, but when money starts to affect your emotions; when it starts to cause you sleepless nights and endless worries, or when it becomes your main priority over everything else, it could be time to take charge of your financial life and ruin money’s grip on you.

If you think that money plays too prominent a role in your life for whatever reasons, here are a few strategies that could help you to develop a more healthy relationship with it:

Draw up a family budget

Setting a family budget is a great way to organise your money. Once you’ve made a list of your incomings and outgoings, you know exactly where you stand, which makes your financial life so much easier. Not only that, but it can help you to identify areas where you could save, so you can build up a nest egg and not have to worry so much about money in the future.

Tackle your debts

If you have debts, you’ll know how stressful they can be. Paying them off as quickly as possible should be a priority if you want greater peace of mind and more financial freedom. If you look at this DTSS review, you will see that getting out of debt id possible and can be very liberating. How do you do it? Follow a system like the one we’ve just mentioned, talk to a debt counsellor, start paying more than the minimum – there are endless options so explore then and see what works best for you.

Focus on what you do have

If you want to stop getting into debt, start saving more and start feeling more comfortable with your financial situation, one of the best things you can o for yourself is to start focusing on what you do have rather than the things you don’t. If you can truly appreciate and feel happy with what you have, you won’t feel the need to run up debts to keep up with the Joneses and it’ll be so much easier to put money aside for the future. So, stop comparing yourself to others, pouring other unrealistic Instagram feeds and start enjoying your life as it is: your family, the local area, and the possessions you already do have more. It will revolutionise your life.


Whether you have £1 or £100 leftover after paying for the essentials at the end of the month, make an effort to save. Doing so will teach your children a good example and help you to build up an emergency fund that you can fall back on should you need to repair the car, find yourself out of work for a while or have some other pressing emergency to deal with.


Money really doesn’t have to rule your life!


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