How To Stay Healthy After Drug Rehabilitation

Congratulations on making it this far into your recovery! You’ve come a long way. If you’re like many people just coming out of drug rehabilitation, it’s likely you’re feeling a combination of excited and overwhelmed. The reality is that it can be challenging to step back into the world after time in a fantastic facility like Hope House. However, with the right support services and a good plan, you’ll increase your chances of healthy living going forward. For a few ways to stay healthy after drug rehabilitation, read on.

Making Transitional Plans

One of the best things you can do for yourself as you head out of rehabilitation is to work with your facility and its treatment team to come up with a transitional plan. For example, if you stayed at The Hope House and were fortunate enough to work with a qualified team of doctors, nurses, mental health workers, and staff, it’s a good idea to be transparent with them about your concerns for maintaining sobriety. No matter what your concerns or fears, your treatment team will be willing to help you develop a list of goals and plans to help you succeed.

Once you have been through the initial help for drug rehabilitation at somewhere like an ibogaine clinic, consider talking to your team about ongoing support, where you’ll live, how to surround yourself with healthy people and relationships, and more. While you’ve likely already covered many of these topics in treatment, having a bulleted exit plan is a great way to give yourself a headstart into the next chapter. Things like identifying a sponsor and planning for bad days are great ways to know what to do when you’re struggling. You’ll thank yourself for doing this down the road.

Forming Healthy Habits

After leaving treatment, it’s important to keep your body healthy. While your mental health is important, your physical health is, too. This means eating three healthy meals a day, getting enough sleep, and taking the right medications and vitamins. After leaving treatment, be sure to meet with your doctor to keep them updated on your progress. Ask about the right vitamin packs for men, your current prescriptions, and any suggestions they may have for your ongoing recovery after treatment. Something as simple as having the right vitamins in your system and staying hydrated will go a long way in helping with not only cravings but moods.

Gathering Supports

Few things will be as important as your personal support system after leaving treatment. Before you leave your rehabilitation facility, create a list of the people you trust to help keep you sober. Whether this is friends or family members, your ability to identify people who want you to succeed will mean you know who to do to on hard days. Make a plan to spend more time with healthy people in your life. When needed, reach out to professionals like couples therapists to improve your relationships and eliminate any toxicity that might be left behind from when you or your partner were using.


If your real-life support group isn’t healthy or is engaged in habits that might trigger you, consider searching for online support groups or asking your treatment team for an in-person group. Some people have great luck with groups like AA or NA and are able to make new, sober connections.


In the end, you already know to take your recovery one step at a time. However, by surrounding yourself with a great support system and working with your rehabilitation center to come up with a solid plan, you’ll make your transition easier and move into a healthier future. Congratulations again on your recovery to date. You can do it and will thank yourself for it in the future!


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