How To Organize A Home Storage Room

Storage rooms can often be seen as an ‘extra’ room of the household, one that you might not use everyday and perhaps a space that serves as a luxury rather than a vital need. But that’s not necessarily true. Storage rooms can help us keep our most cherished belongings safe, while also allowing the rest of our households to shine and feel less than cluttered.

But it’s also true that storage rooms can get out of hand if we fail to pay attention to them over the years. If you’ve ever had to wear a helmet and commit to a few stretches before diving into your storage room throwing caution to the wind, or at least it feels as though this should be the proper procedure you take, you’ll know the feeling.

So, let us avoid that unnecessary eventuality and instead learn how to organize a home storage room. There’s no shame in going back to basics and trying to make the most of the space. Of course, extra storage solutions can be a wonderful option in addition to the advice in this column. Let’s consider that guidance, below:

Stacks & Weight

When storing items, ultimately you’re going to have to stack them if you hope to make the most of the space. There are some implements that can help you do this without issue, such as shelving units that can be used to sustain some of the weight, preventing you from having to place your belongings on top of one another. Yet it may also be that for large boxes, you can tier the storage with the heaviest at the bottom, and lighter goods on top. Don’t stack higher than your torso. This can help you commit to storage with care.

Categorize Belongings

Categorize the belongings you have. You don’t need to overthink this, but the effort can surely come in handy when you’re searching for that one particular item you may need, instead of having to go through absolutely everything. From storage containers with homemade label makers can be a massive help. Make sure all of these labels are visible from the outside. Little measures like that can make a tremendous and quite profound difference going forward.

Safety First

Safety first, is, of course, essential. For instance, it’s important to make sure that your room isn’t too over-filled in any capacity, and that you don’t have to pick up heavy belongings from above head height. Good lighting in your storage space is essential, as is making sure the room is locked so that children can’t get in and unwittingly injuring themselves, which children are relatively good at.

If you have personal possessions with some value in storage, then sometimes making sure that you’re the only one able to handle them can help you prevent damage of your cherished belongings. Furthermore, remember to always follow essential fire safety measures going forward. It makes a profound difference.


With this advice, you’re sure to organize your home storage room with care.


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