How to Find the Perfect Skincare Routine for Your Skin’s Needs

To some of you, it may seem like establishing a solid, perfect skincare routine is easy, but that’s not exactly the case. We live in a world where you are constantly bombarded with different skincare tips, and a person simply doesn’t know who to listen to.

Not to mention the fact that the stores (both online and traditional) are packed with a variety of different products intended for these purposes and it can be truly overwhelming trying to pick the right one.

Although there isn’t a universal rule that can be implemented by everyone concerning an ideal skincare routine, what we tried today is to provide you with some useful suggestions that cannot hurt in any way. So let’s check them out together!

Let’s Begin With A Cleanser

This is without a doubt the most essential step for your perfect skincare routine and something that you cannot overlook and take lightly, otherwise, everything else that you do will be pointless. Remember that if your skin isn’t clean, no product, no matter how spectacular it may be, isn’t going to help you. 

Having a skincare routine without the proper cleanser is like polishing floors that are very untidy. According to the skincare professionals, you should cleanse your skin twice a day. First in the morning, to get rid of all the impurities that piled up while you were sleeping.

And then, the next time is in the evening, so you can effectively eliminate SPF and makeup. There are various cleansers on the market that can help you properly cleanse your skin. In the past couple of years, K-Beauty products from South Korea have been recommended by numerous dermatologists due to their effectiveness. We heard that they have phenomenal cleansers (among many other products) as well, hence maybe you should give them a try to see how they’ll work for you.

Now, if by any chance your skin is quite oily, then it would be recommendable to use a gently exfoliating gel to remove all the dirt from your skin. Additionally, oil-based cleansers are perfect for the skin that’s dry allowing you to nourish it while getting rid of the grime.

A Good Toner Must Be Included Too!

As soon as you’re done cleansing your skin, it’s time to opt for toner. All you need is to pour a couple of drops of it on a cotton pad, or your palms (depending on what is more suitable for you) and slowly put it on your face.

Now, if you are utilizing a toner that contains ingredients such as glycolic acid and that is designed to eliminate dead skin cells, then you should employ it only at night. On the other hand, hydrating formulas can freely be utilized twice a day.

It’s worth mentioning that you shouldn’t employ retinoids (or any other exfoliator) and exfoliating toner simultaneously. 

Moving On To Serum

It’s safe to say that a serum is undeniably a great thing to add into your perfect skincare routine, because it is capable of both safeguarding and treating your skin due to the fact that it’s filled with ingredients that can resolve various skin-related problems, starting from dark spots to wrinkles, etc. Some of those ingredients further increase the efficacy of stem cell skincare products, such as Calecim’s Professional Serum which has a powerful combination of proteins and growth factors that target anti-aging

Now, if by any chance you have more than one skin issue, it wouldn’t hurt to utilize more than one serum formula. However, if you decide to do so, just please be sure to first check the label because there are some serums that are intended for the mornings, and yet, there are those who are supposed to be employed in the evening. 

We assume that a lot of you are wondering if there’s a serum that everyone can use in the morning. And the answer is, yes! We’re referring to the antioxidant serum that is here to prevent the creation of free radicals and at the same time, reduce the signs of aging.

If you ask skincare experts, a vast majority of them (if not all) will tell you that vitamin C is without denying the best antioxidant and something that everybody should use (both older and younger people).

With its assistance, you’ll be able to reverse the skin damage that was caused by the pollution and harmful sun rays. Besides antioxidant serums, you can also utilize anti-aging serums that contain these ingredients that we are about to mention below to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and other impurities:

  1. Hyaluronic acid serums
  2. Retinoids
  3. Niacinamide 
  4. Peptides 

You Need To Moisturize 

Moisturizing is beneficial for all skin types. Now, people with oily skin tend to think that they do not need to moisturize their skin, but that’s actually a huge mistake. Bear in mind that every single skin type needs it.

The main goal of every moisturizer is to soften and rehydrate your skin. If you want to ensure your skin is properly hydrated and healthy, then it would be smart to use a moisturizer (that’s intended for your skin) two times a day, in the morning and before you go to sleep. A lot of people utilize oil- and fragrance-free moisturizers, along with non-comedogenic moisturizers. And to be honest, both of these products will get the job done if your skin is not problematic.

However, if you would like to address a certain skin need, then you should opt for moisturizers that contain extra ingredients, like ceramides which can effectively develop a strong skin barrier, along with hyaluronic acid that is intended to rehydrate your skin. 

Don’t Forget To Put A Sunscreen

Up until recently, a lot of people believed that sunscreens are supposed to be used only during summer when you’re at the beach. Luckily, in the meantime, people have finally realized that sunscreens should be used throughout the year and that they simply must be part of everyone’s perfect skincare routine if they want to be sure their skin remains healthy.

Even if it’s cold and cloudy/rainy outside, you should still apply it. Make sure to buy the ones that offer both UVB and UVA protection.

As we stated in the beginning, there’s no general rule of thumb as far as this topic is concerned, however, what we did is try to put together some tips that will ensure your skin is properly taken care of.


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