Hall Place, Bexley

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The other week I spent the best part of the day with the smalls and my awesome in-laws, where we went to Hall Place, Bexley. Considering it’s not far from where we live, I hadn’t actually heard of it, so it was a nice surprise when we arrived to discover that the place is beautiful, and perfect for picnicking (which we did), roaming around the huge gardens, and checking out the butterfly house, and nature trail. F & S went WILD, running about and playing hide and seek behind er, one tree. The cafe was one of the best I’ve encountered, not because the food was really great, but because it was SO bloody reasonably priced- I would certainly come back to eat there again if we visited. A scone, jam and cream was about 2 quid! A cup of tea about £1! And no, they’re not paying me to say this! I do like to shout from the rooftops when I’ve made a great food/child/day out-related discovery, especially where pricing is concerned. I’m fed up of visiting places as a family, and being totally spanked for what is more often than not, mediocre food and/or service. Big thumbs up here for this alone.

I am also discovering that I am almost certainly heading rapidly the wrong way from age 30, as this trip confirmed to me that I actually really enjoy taking pictures of flowers and/or nature, as well as ones of people. This is an older person’s hobby, right?! This, along with early nights, looking forward to Question Time, and becoming a confirmed Radio 2 listener (although 6 Music too, always), is starting to concern me greatly. What happened to me? And more importantly, when?! Good job I like a good party, otherwise i’d be seriously worried.


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