Growing an edible garden with little ones


Ever since Freddie and Sasha could walk, we’ve grown our own fruit and veg. Starting small with tomatoes, we’ve progressed each year (with the help my green fingered Mum!) to growing raspberries, strawberries, runner beans, rhubarb, red currants, black currants and potatoes in a pot. 

I’m hoping that this summer will be no exception.

I think that there’s something so good for the soul in growing your own food from scratch, and all that fresh air and rigorous outdoor activity during the long summer holidays does children the world of good (and helps them sleep better at night!). Now my two are getting a bit bigger (they will 4 and 5 soon), we’ve started to talk more about the whole growing process, how our fruit and veg plants grow, and they can get even more involved. I love answering their questions, and seeing their excitement when they go out with a plastic bowl to pick the juicy, red-ripe tomatoes, or count how many runner beans we have now. 

Premier Polytunnels, the big guys when it comes to ‘growing your own’ have some great ideas to help keep your children’s minds ticking over during the summer break, and ignite a passion for all that’s home grown:


For the answers, just click onto their website.

Do you grown your own fruit and veg and home, or even have an allotment?

I’d love to share stories of what you’ve grown, and get some ideas of new things we could grown this year!


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  1. January 22, 2016 / 7:32 am

    Thanks for this hon! I’m a novice but am going to give it my best shot this year, I have 100l of compost and ten different types of seeds in my possession as we speak 🙂 wish me luck xx

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