Garden Update – August


Wowsers, August has really zipped on by Garden-wise. Probably because we haven’t actually done too much more to our little space- we’ve just sort of sat back and let nature do it’s thang, and reaped the rewards of us actually looking after our plants. I am pretty proud, as although I know my Mum played a big part in getting this garden up-and-running, so to speak, this is the first year that Adam and I have really felt invested in an outside space, and I’m just so happy that nothing has died!

I genuinely enjoy gardening now (sliding into early middle age, no?), and find it immensely relaxing. The children have really delighted in our tomato and runner bean plants, and the joy on their faces when they spot a ripe tomato, or an extra-long bean to pick is just wonderful. I was really chuffed with F&S on Tuesday re the toms. I was otherwise occupied in the kitchen, and they were desperate to pick the oodles of tomatoes that were ripe, so I gave them a bowl and entrusted them with only picking the red ones, not yellow or green. I half expected them to come back with allsorts and was ready to accept this, but they returned with only the reddest, best-of-the-bunch tomatoes, and I felt so proud that at 2 and 3 they managed this. It shows that even at such a tender age, a child can learn some golden rules of nature i.e. what’s ready to pick and what is not, and get involved with the whole gardening/growing process. Without getting too sentimental, it’s a beautiful thing to see!

Anyway, scroll down to see some of our garden photos from the past month:


^^^The aforementioned tomato plants and S with her little bowl after picking some. We have a ridiculous number this year, and have no need to add any to the Tesco order for quite a while! Ideas for more tomato-based recipes most welcome πŸ™‚

035 036

^^^Our hydrangea heads have seen the best of their summer, but apparently we have to keep them on, in order for them to flourish again next year (This is something I didn’t know before, I’m learning all the time!)

038 039 040

^^^… and our pink hydrangeas. These ones are still going a little stronger than our mauve ones.


^^^The olive tree is going from strength-to-strength still- I think we’ll need an even bigger pot soon!


^^^Some of our strawberry plants have come back from the brink of death-by-drowning, after their tubs were left thoughtlessly in the heavy rain of the last few weeks. I don’t think we’ll get any fruit this year, but we’ll probably transfer to a big tub at some point to encourage growth.


^^^Hurrah! TheΒ Centaurea has made a spectacular comeback after the snails came for a party and attacked it in July. They obviously left a bad review on Tripadvisor, because none have returned, thank goodness.


^^^Our sickly rose bush/climber is still randomly producing gorgeous flowers, just when you think it’s finished. I took this photo looking up, and I love the shadow effect created by the roses on the sky’s background.

So, that’s us! I need to think about what needs doing in the garden over the next few months before winter sets in.

What are your plans for your garden as we head into Autumn?


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22 thoughts on “Garden Update – August”

  1. Lovely pictures. Your tomatoes have done really well, we have been disappointed with ours this year. I love watching the changes of the colours and shades of our hydrangeas, even as they are coming to an end they are still beautiful x #HDYGG

  2. Your garden is looking really good and I love the greeny pinky hydrangea heads. My hydrangea heads are going a bit cripsy and brown now but they still look nice. Impressive tomatoes πŸ™‚

  3. Your garden is looking really good and I love the greeny pinky hydrangea heads! My hydrangea heads are going a bit cripsy and brown now but they still look nice. Impressive tomatoes πŸ™‚

  4. I’m just waiting for my tomatoes to ripen. I always seem to get to October before I get a taste of them. I have always kept the heads on my hydrangeas (my dad told me so) as it protects the new buds from frost. My bushes get bigger and bigger each year so it must work!

  5. Yes, I’m thinking about all the tidying jobs that will begin to stack up soon in the garden! I have a sickly climbing rose that produces random flowers too, every time I see one it cheers me up that its still going πŸ™‚

  6. your garden looks absolutely lovely. we too love sharing the growing process with our four year old. and funnily enough, fresh piked tomatoes from our garden are the only ones she will eat

  7. Lovely, lovely photos. Hydrangeas are on my ‘must buy’ list for next year, they seem to bloom for so long and look almost as nice when they go over as they do flowering. We too have had a glut of tomatoes – we made our own salsa, that used up loads πŸ™‚
    You are inspiring me a lot, an olive tree is something I’d love – and it would remind me of past holidays – always a good thing !
    Thanks ever so much for joining in x

  8. Lovely photos. The toms are amazing, we had an excellent year for toms, taste amazing when home grown. I’m starting to think of what needs doing over the next few months, hopefully whatever it is will result in some colour over winter

  9. So true with children picking up what to pick and not to pick! And how happy they are to harvest! This is why I love gardening too. The rewards is so much more than what you invested =) #hdygg

  10. Lovely Hydrangea, I didn’t know that about keeping the flowers on, I bought a potted one that flowered earlier on in the year and I chopped the flowers off when they faded- oops! Nice toms too. I think I will try again with toms next year. I haven’t grown them for a couple of years as they failed miserably last time I tried. :/

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