Family Travel Guide to Iceland

Ready to pack your bags and head off on a family adventure? Iceland is a fantastic place full of natural wonders, friendly people, and fascinating history. It’s hard to know where to start with all the things there are to do in Iceland for families- have a read of our fab family travel guide to Iceland.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite activities that we think will make any trip memorable! Please continue reading to learn more.


Explore the Nature

Most people come to Iceland for the opportunity to see geysers, waterfalls, and glaciers. However, these are just some of the natural wonders that you can experience on an Icelandic vacation with kids in tow. There are plenty of walking trails throughout Reykjavik and not only: some of most gorgeous ones your family can enjoy are the hikes and walks near Iceland’s Blue Lagoon.

Experience Culture

Iceland’s rich culture is one of the reasons why it appeals to so many people. While Reykjavik has many museums, galleries, and cultural attractions for adults, there are also plenty of family-friendly things to do, like visiting Laugardalur Park or taking in some Icelandic art at The National Gallery.

Laugardalslaug Park

One of the most popular destinations in Reykjavik is Laugardalur Park, where you can go for a dip at Laugardalslaug. There are also plenty of other attractions to explore, like The Tree House Museum and various playgrounds, and many opportunities for outdoor recreation like hiking and biking.

National Gallery of Iceland

The National Gallery of Iceland contains an extensive collection of Icelandic art and the country’s largest exhibit on photography. It’s free to visit with no admission charge or opening hours so make sure you take some time out to enjoy this attraction that is perfect for both adults and kids.


Experience the Wildlife

Venture outside the city limits and spend some time in nature with this experiential wildlife safari that offers an exciting chance to see native species such as whales and other endemic species. You will also see animals like arctic foxes, elks, reindeer, and seals. In addition, you’ll get a sense of how Iceland’s natural environment has shaped its people while also being treated to one of the most spectacular views of the city as you stand on the edge of a cliff.

Visit the glaciers

The Icelandic glaciers are a wonder to behold, and there is no better way to see them up-close than by taking the reasonably easy hike. You’ll be able to get some great photos of this majestic natural phenomena, as well as learn about how they’ve been forming for centuries, from your guide, who will also teach you all about glacier safety. Some of the Icelandic glaciers you can visit include Breidamerkurjokull, Skaftafellsjokull, and Tindfjallajokull. These glaciers are located right outside Reykjavik, the capital city.

Go on a boat tour to see the icebergs

Iceland is home to many, many glaciers and, as a result, icebergs. Suppose you’re looking for something family-friendly to do in Iceland. Look no further than taking a boat tour of the coast. You’ll be able to see some beautiful views while getting up close and personal with these natural wonders that are so quintessentially Icelandic. Forjords are also a great place to explore.

See the northern lights

The northern lights are one of the most popular things to do in Iceland, and for a good reason. This natural phenomenon can only be seen here, so if you don’t make it up, then your family will have to visit again just to see this incredible sight. The best time to watch them is between September and April when there are fewer clouds.


In this blog post, we have explored the various family-friendly things to do in Iceland. Iceland is the best place to visit since it has year-round activities such as the Viking village. We hope you enjoyed it!


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