Easy tips to cosy up your new room

Making a minimalist space feel comfortable can be challenging, whether you’re renting your first home, moving into university halls, or furnishing a new bedroom. This is especially true if you’re unable to pull out a paintbrush or decorate the walls due to strict rules by your landlord! Let’s take a look at some of the best tips that you can use to make your new space feel like home in no time.

Our top tips

Clean as soon as you move in

Cleaning as soon as you move in can help give you a piece of mind that everything is tidy and clean to a high standard, meaning you never feel overwhelmed by the dirt going forwards – as you only need to keep on top of the mess you make and all the mess is what you have caused! Additionally, the smell of your familiar and trusted cleaning products is a great way to help feel more at home and relaxed.

Choose some peaceful art you love

Purchasing some new art that you love and goes with the colour scheme and style of your room is a fantastic way to make your room feel like home, and bring some of your personality out.  A great piece of art work can never be under estimated!

Go for soft, nude colours for walls and furniture

When selecting a colour scheme, opting for nude colours for your walls and furniture can not only help to bring a sense of calmness to your new room -but it provides a great opportunity for you to experiment with colours by adding decorations. It can also provide the perfect blank canvas for your art work that you choose to purchase, or even make yourself!

Try to play with lighting by using some indoor lanterns

Light can have a huge impact on the space around you – more than you would realise! Why not invest in some indoor lights such as lanterns, these can be really cosy and make your room feel homely.

Make sure you have enough storage space and avoid having your things laying around

Get creative with storage and make sure that everything has a place. There is nothing worse than tripping up over items that have been left on the floor, this can also make the room feel cluttered and unorganised – leaving you feeling stressed and homesick.

Add a couple of pictures with your loved ones

Adding a couple of pictures of your loved ones can make you feel as though you are at home – and it can also be a great way for your new friends to learn a bit more about you as well! 


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