Do Your Hair And Skin Colours Say You’re Not Fit For Laser?

The desire to remove all your surplus body hair isn’t hard to accomplish today. Whatever your skin colour may be, you can confidently acquire hair-free looks to feel good about yourself. Yes, for this reason, you would have been behind several traditional hair removal techniques such as plucking, tweezing, using depilatory creams, shaving, and waxing but did these methods give you only short-termed hair-free results? Choosing something advanced can be a boon to those who yearn to see permanent hair-free results and you should know that this is achievable with the best Laser hair removal London, one of the renowned hair removal procedures chosen by millions all over the world for its perfect and precise results. 

Laser treatment uses high laser technology to treat your unwanted body hair at ease. This painless procedure uses strong laser beams to target the hair follicles on the hairy areas you wish to get treated. The technology involved in it makes it special as four to eight incessant sessions with proper equal intervals can give you perfect hair-free looks. This is because, after every session, you will observe hair reduction, and eventually hair fall in the areas treated on your body. As you know, only those who have dissimilar skin and hair colours were considered as the accurate candidates for laser procedure as the laser beams involved in it targets the melanin present in the hair follicles to devastate them at their roots. But do you believe that it is the same even today?

Thanks to technology as it has enabled everyone to be the true candidate for laser because of the advancements in the machines. Yes, if your mind says that your hair and skin colours cannot handle this unique procedure, that isn’t true. The aesthetic clinics have realized the need to come up with lasers that can treat people of diverse hair and skin colours. Even if your skin colour is similar to that of your body hair, it is totally fine as the newly invented laser technologies can remove your unwanted body hair in perfection. Right from the darkest skin to the palest one, any skin and hair colour can be treated with laser. The biggest advantage is the beautiful hairless skin you can obtain after every successful laser treatment. 

Ensure you choose the best clinic to get your laser treatment. The professionals in the clinic will study your entire medical record to also guide you about the type of laser that can be used according to your skin type and hair type or colours. ND Yag is the FDA-approved machine used to treat people with dark skin colour. It works the best in aiming only at the hair follicles and not your outer skin.  So you are safe from side effects. Similarly, Alexandrite is an ideal laser for those with lighter or paler hair colour. Stubborn hairs can easily be removed at a fast pace by this laser. This isn’t it. Several other laser machines are available today. 

So yes, even if you have similar or dissimilar skin and hair colours, you can now relax because this way of hair removal can be your favourite as well.


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