Do I have a birth injury claim? Discover the most common injuries here

Finding out your pregnant, for most women, is a joyous occasion. The excitement, the anticipation
and the sheer joy of telling all your friends and family that there is a little one on the way is a
wonderful moment in any woman’s life. You attend every midwife appointment, you’re careful with
your diet, you follow all advice given and you plan your birth as meticulously as possible.

For many women, this is how their pregnancy story plays out. They never in a million years imagine
that anything untoward could happen that could turn their hopes and dreams into a nightmare.
Sadly, for others this nightmare becomes a sobering reality with a birth injury.

A devastating mishandling of your child’s birth could leave your life changed in ways you never even imagined. And while you’re still coming to terms with the birth injury, it may be worthwhile reaching out to a Boca Raton personal injury lawyer (or one in your area). If your child was injured, you were injured, or your infant died during birth due to the negligible actions of your medical team, you might have a case.

Check out the most common scenarios here.

What are the most common injuries?

Cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a condition that limits the motor skills of the child in question, the child may also
have weak muscles or additional problems like vision and hearing issues, trouble speaking, or
learning difficulties. Click here for cerebral palsy lawyer Charlotte for more info. Cerebral palsy
often occurs due to improper monitoring or a failure to recognise fetal distress, when then child
cannot get enough oxygen.

Spinal cord injuries

The improper use of forceps and other birthing equipment can lead to spinal cord injuries and nerve
damage. This may result in paralysis or severe neurological issues that will impact the child for the
rest of their life.

Fractured collarbones

If the delivery was difficult and complicated and more force than what as required was used to
deliver the child, then a fractured collarbone may occur. Yes, this injury can be repaired but it is
incredibly distressing for both mother and baby.

Brain damage

If your baby is deprived of oxygen during birth, then brain damage is likely. The kind of injuries that
can be sustained from a lack of oxygen and subsequent brain damage include learning disabilities,
motor-skill problems, cerebral palsy (see above), physical problems and other neurological
disabilities that may require therapy and a high level of care throughout the child’s life.

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