If you want a cosy living space, then the Japanese style may be just what you are looking for. This minimalistic and clean method of designing provides the perfect way to uplift your apartment and open the spaces up in a way you may have never thought of. Just as a small Japanese apartment is made to look bigger by incorporating clever design tricks, the same can be applied to your pad to make it look newer and larger.

Clutter free

One thing you won’t find in any home in Japan is clutter. Their apartments are so aesthetically designed that clutter is kept to a minimum. There are a few ways, even you can opt for in your living space:

● Install adequate shelves, cabinets and built-in storage where you can store things out of sight. In other words, provide a space for all that you own.
● If you find an item with no place to store, ask yourself if you actually need it? You may never have any use for it, so why not give it away to free up some space.
● Create a storage space for keeping large items and the pieces you are fond off, until you can find a suitable place for storing them.

Use natural materials

While most Japanese homes have bamboo or tatami mats made of natural materials to cover up the floors, there are lots of fresh and creative options you can adopt to help create a clean and simple looking living space. While some Japanese homes install wood flooring to give a finishing touch to a room, cheap vinyl flooring is a far better option.

This low-cost flooring material has been doing the rounds for decades and is a popular choice for homeowners wishing to infuse a Japanese style element in their living space. Vinyl floors are easy to clean and can be installed by way of a simple DIY project, instead of having to hire a professional or contractor.

Open up your space

While decluttering is one way of opening up a space, there are other ways you can adopt to make your living space look bigger:

● The walls dividing the rooms can eat up a lot of area. Consider adding mirrors to the walls, or just pull a few down to create a larger floor plan.
● Ensure that your room receives as much natural light as possible. If you are using artificial lights, dump the single overhead lamp with some jazzy lights with bright bulbs.
● If your apartment is really small, separate the spaces by using Japanese Shoji dividers, instead of walls. These screens are translucent and allow natural light to filter through without compromising on privacy.

Choose the right furniture

One reason the Japanese use low tables and floor beds is because they are unobtrusive and work well and for small spaces. Your furniture should also be similar and made of small pieces, in light colour fabrics and lighter wood. Choose pieces with legs so that light can pass through them. Skip the heavy and dark stuff that takes tons of space and literally closes off the entire room. Multi-purpose furniture is another good idea as they can double up for both beds and sofas and folding tables that can be kept aside when not in use, in order to maximize the spaçe.

No matter what type of home or apartment you are living in, adopting the traditional Japanese style living ideas can help in streamlining any living space. Just try infusing the ‘Zen’ element in your home and you will soon find yourself on a different comfort level.


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