December plans and feeling festive!

Finally, it’s my favourite time of year- December!

I’m sure I’m one of many people who counts this month as the best of the year, and I simply love all the magic surrounding the festive season. I don’t know if it’s because I have such lovely childhood memories of my 80s/90s Christmases, but come November I start planning and getting things organised for Christmas, all whilst trying not to peak too soon! I want our children to enjoy Christmas just as much as Adam and I did when we were young- the festive trips and activities, the Nativity set and learning about the true meaning of Christmas (important, since Sasha came home from school the other day convinced that Jesus’ mum was called ‘Helen’!), the food, the giving of presents (and of course, the excitement of receiving them!) BUT without there being the pressure to make everything ‘perfect’. And I think that these days there often is that pressure- Elves on shelves, Christmas Eve boxes, loads of activities…. nothing wrong with any of this (we are big on Christmas trips and activities here) but only if it’s what you really want to do, and not because you feel you SHOULD be doing it. 

Christmas should be relaxing and fun after all well as much as possible as a parent

We put up the tree last week, and let Freddie and Sasha decorate their ‘big’ one in the kitchen plus two little ones for their playroom and bedroom as well- more is more apparently, especially when it comes to Freddie and baubles! Magical moments indeed, bar a near punch up over who had the most candy canes to hang on the big tree in the living room (they both had exactly the same <eye roll>). Some Christmas reality right there.


We’ve had a few other festive days/moments so far already including an early family lunch up in Islington as my brother, girlfriend and niece are off to Sweden this year. Yesterday we took the children ice skating for the first time which they loved more than I thought they would to be honest which is a bonus, followed by soup and hot chocolate. Sounds really cheesy but it was days like yesterday that I really imagined doing with them as they got older and it definitely gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside!


Freddie also wrote his Christmas letter to Father Christmas yesterday without prompting, and then left it out for us to post. I don’t normally get that gooey over things but honestly… all the heart eyes here…


Blog-wise as usual I tend to wind down over Christmas before normal service resumes in the New Year, although I still have a few interiors and Christmas decor posts to come, plus maybe a few of our festive trips out if I feel like it. I enjoy the break and also love watching everyone else’s ‘Vlogmas’ videos- I am always seriously impressed by anyone who manages to do these throughout the festive season and swear they must have an extra 6 hours in the day that I don’t have! 


I’ll still be knocking around here so do come and stop by, and have a fabulous festive period and run up to Christmas x


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  1. JESS | mummyofboygirltwins
    December 6, 2016 / 2:41 pm

    Have a GREAT break and wonderful Xmas with your family 🙂 See you next year hopefully xx

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