Convincing Senior Parents To Move To Assisted Living

Many people find it difficult to try and convince their parents to move out of the home and into assisted living. Senior parents can often feel most at home surrounded by family members, especially if they’re able to interact with their grandchildren and help around the house. While this living arrangement can feel like the most comfortable option for everyone, there are a couple of concerns that you should keep in mind, and a care website such as should be able to help. 

For instance, even if your parents are able to interact with you and your children, it might not help with their feelings of loneliness. Seniors tend to have a great time interacting with others around their age. While they can connect fine with younger people, it’s always best to keep things balanced and give them the opportunity to make friends with people around their age as well. This is something that might be challenging if they’re living in the same house as you because they might be less inclined to get out and meet new people.

So in this post, we’re going to take a look at a couple of ways to convince your parents (and also yourself) that they’d have a better life in assisted living. You have already found somewhere that specialises in assisted living memory care near me, but you need to ensure that all parties are on board with the idea before you proceed. To help ensure they are, here are some tips that may be of use: 


Assisted living doesn’t have to mean a care home

When people think of assisted living it often conjures up images of a lone senior sitting on their bed in a room waiting to be served food. It can cause people to worry about the safety of their parents, and it’s not uncommon to hear stories about staff mistreating their residents or neglecting them. Fortunately, this isn’t the case anymore with many high-profile retirement homes, care homes and even retirement villages like Enterprise Retirement Living. Seniors are giving quality treatment, they’re encouraged to make friends with the other residents and they gain full independence.

The biggest advantage compared to living at home is that they’re surrounded by people their age. This makes it easy for them to connect with others and talk about similar topics. In addition, the properties themselves come with lots of features that make it easy for them to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. This can include mobility assistance and bathrooms designed for seniors with limited dexterity. They’ll also have medical staff on-site to help take care of their needs and give them advice if needed. Furthermore, in the case of senior living communities, amenities such as swimming pools and libraries are available to residents to ensure they have access to recreational activities and resources, which can significantly enhance their overall well-being. You can see how much communal life for seniors has its benefits within an aging community, such as one run by Clover Group.


Seniors can thrive in an assisted living environment

When your parents move to an assisted living environment they’ll find that they’ll have more freedom. Retirement villages and homes are surrounded by serene environments that are perfect for walks and relaxing breaks, and they’re usually away from the city which means clean air and less noise pollution. They’ll also be encouraged by staff members and other residents to engage in fun activities designed for their enjoyment, for physical activity and also to learn new skills.

Seniors can also live with fewer worries about their medical circumstances. With on-site doctors and professionals, they’ll get 24/7 care and coverage to ensure that they can live their life to the fullest without worrying about medical concerns. Even if they do encounter a medical problem, they’ll have peace of mind knowing that there are doctors on-site ready to help.


Assisted living can offer more independence

Some seniors prefer not to live with their family members because they want to be independent. They dislike the idea of relying on their children for help and they might consider themselves a burden. If this is the case, then assisted living could be a fantastic option to help them gain independence and confidence in themselves.

They’ll also have the ability to make more decisions for themselves. For instance, if they’ve always wanted a canine companion but couldn’t because of their current living circumstances, then that’s something they arrange when moving to assisted living. They’ll have plenty of space for the dog and can even take them on relaxing walks thanks to the tranquil environment of the retirement village.


It’s worth keeping in mind that not every senior will have a better life in assisted living. If you’re currently living with your parents and they’re showing no troublesome signs and you’re perfectly fine with the arrangement, then there’s nothing that needs to be changed. Few households can reach that perfect balance in a multigenerational household. In fact, many families would even envy a household that gets along so well despite the generational differences. However, if you feel like your parents would be better off in assisted living, then we hope that this article has served its purpose and given you some things to consider.


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