Change and elevate your weekly meals

Bored of your everyday meals but not enough to get rid of them completely? All you need to inject excitement back into your meals are some new ingredients and a bit of organisation. Here are our tips for elevating your eating times, from breakfast, lunch and dinner to having a snack.


The adage goes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for the most part, many of us agree. Since it’s the first thing you eat in the day, you want it to be both nutritious and tasty, so you take advantage of a well-needed energy boost in the mornings. Your current breakfast staples might be just getting the job done but you can easily make them more exciting.

From banana and matcha muffins to matcha and blueberry oatmeal, there are plenty of ways to incorporate matcha into your meals. If you need a quick, healthy meal on the go, consider adding overnight oats to your breakfast rotation. Equally, you could start your day with a simple matcha tea, instead of infusing your meal.


A great lunch is something to look forward to and get you through the working day. Whether you want to take a packed lunch to work or make it at home, it’s always better when your midday meal is cost-effective and low effort to make.

Making interesting lunches that keep you energised for the rest of the day is easier than you think. If you’re making a salad, mix it up by adding strongly flavoured cheeses such as goat’s cheese or blue cheese. You can also bulk up the salad with quinoa or other grains to make it more filling.

Want to avoid sandwiches and instead make a fresh, healthy Buddha bowl or take something warm and comforting like a casserole.


Meal prepping your dinners is not only ideal for enhancing your cooking repertoire but it’s a great way to save money on your food shop and keep track of your week. This doesn’t mean that your meals must be repetitive either.

Simply allocate a prepping day every week and then a fun day of cooking to sort your evening meals out for the days to come. You can focus your new-found free time on enjoying other things you don’t usually get to in the evenings.

Sweet treat/snack

When it comes to snacking, many of us have a love/hate relationship with it. Sometimes it is simpler to just grab the easy choice of a chocolate bar or packet of crisps, however, you want your snack to provide nourishment and a burst of energy.

Enhancing flavours can allow your snacking moments to be pure pleasure. Consider incorporating nutty superfood breakfast bars bursting with fruit and protein or combine different textures with simple treats like cucumber and soft cheese.


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