Beauty Side Hustles You Could Try

beauty side hustles

With increasing energy prices and the rising cost of living, almost half of all adults in the UK are considering a side hustle to supplement their main source of income. Second jobs are becoming normal – and even necessary – for many people in order to pay their bills and maintain their lifestyle. If you’re currently in the beauty industry and considering a side hustle to add to your income, here are a few you could try.

Common Side Hustles in the Beauty Industry

Fortunately, there are lots of potential side hustles in the beauty industry that you can turn to if you’re looking to boost your income and learn new skills.

Teach a Beauty Class on Udemy

If you like the idea of helping people to create great looks and find styles to suit them you could create beauty tutorials on Udemy, where people pay to view your classes. Create classes with a clear goal, for example, ‘Creating a day to night makeup look’ or ‘Smoky Eyes 101’ and write a clear script that can be easily broken down into teachable segments. Make sure you have great lighting and high-quality recording equipment and then promote your class across social media channels to encourage people to sign up. How much you charge for your classes is entirely up to you.

Start Doing Acrylic Nails From Home

Nails are a great side hustle because they’re easy to fit in around your other services or commitments and you can take as many – or as few – bookings as you like during any given week. You’ll need to undertake training and be prepared to practice on yourself and friends and family before you begin looking for your first clients. After that, all you’ll need is a social media presence, an LED nail lamp and some acrylic nail sets to get started. Be sure to invest in a wide range of colours too so you have options to suit every taste.

Make Beauty Baskets For Etsy

If you haven’t heard of Etsy, you’re missing out! Etsy is a huge online selling platform where people sell unique and handcrafted items and is a great place to sell beauty-related gifts such as gift baskets, mystery makeup boxes, spa hampers or pamper kits as a side hustle.

Lash Lift and Tint Technician

Lash lifts and tints are an ideal side hustle because they don’t require a large upfront investment in equipment. You’ll need to take a course on lash lifting and tinting and after that, all you need is a professional space where your clients can lie down while they have their treatment.

Children’s Make-Up Parties

Makeup parties make a great side hustle if you don’t have a lot of spare time and are looking for a side hustle without over-committing. Unlike nail clients, for example, people are less likely to want a regular makeup party every few weeks, meaning you can more easily juggle this alongside any other commitments. There are lots of online resources and classes you can take to brush up on your makeup skills and you can offer tailor-made parties depending on the ages and number of attendees, allowing you to experiment with new makeup looks, have fun and earn some extra income from your new side hustle.


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