A Pregnancy Update, and working with Little Tikes #GetTheGrowHow

It’s Monday, the first day of the Easter holidays, and I’m catching up with a little work whilst Freddie and Sasha are playing outside with their bikes and scooters (oh, the juggling when you work, although I’m lucky to have lots of flexibility!). I’m not sure I’m going to manage this quite as well when you throw a baby/toddler into the mix too!

I can’t believe I’m nearly 29 weeks pregnant now, the weeks really do seem to be flying by, as cliche as that sounds, and whilst 11 weeks seems ages away, I know that it will simply fly by.

So what’s going on 3rd baby-wise? 

I’m determined this month to start getting more organised for baby. I’m usually such a planner, but our spare room/baby’s new room is still a complete mess, and we need to actually start shopping for him! It’s so frustrating thinking about the fact we got rid of pretty  much everything after we had Sasha as we thought we were finished at two children (having 2 within 15 months of each other will do that to a woman), so we’re starting from scratch apart from our pushchair (which needs to be dragged out of the loft, cleaned and repaired). However, I never need an excuse to shop, and I’ve started writing a list of everything that we need to get. 

Energy-wise I generally feel pretty good, although I’ve been making sure I keep up with taking my liquid iron in orange juice. I’ve found that if I’ve got a bit slack with this then after a couple of days I feel exhausted. I had a midwife appointment last week where they took some bloods, so I need to call them later today to get the results of these. It really wouldn’t surprise me if I was slightly anemic as I was when I was pregnant with Sasha, but we’ll see. 

In other REALLY exciting news for us, our family has agreed to work with one of my absolute favourite Children’s brands, Little Tikes, on their #GetTheGrowHow campaign. Little Tikes will be following us in the run up to our little chap being born, as well as the first 6 months when he arrives. We’ll be filming a series of vlogs, as well as the usual blog posts, and I can’t wait to have these as a fab family diary of the arrival of the littlest member of the family. 

As a family we have used so many Little Tikes products- from the two little ‘Cosy Coupe’ cars that Freddie and Sasha still play with, to their Log Cabin Playhouse, as well as their ‘Sand and Sea’ play table- that they are just the perfect fit for our family. 

We can’t wait for our new baby boy to #GetTheGrowHow too, and start his play and learning journey from the start.

Here’s our first vlog for Little Tikes below- I’d love it if you would subscribe to LittleTikesUK on Youtube, and also my personal YouTube channel for more updates! 


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