A Garden Progress Update – May 2014

A while ago I posted about our garden and what we intended to do with it throughout the course of the year. Well thanks to my AMAZING Mum, progress has, indeed, been made! Here are a few snaps that highlight a few changes so far. There’s still a long way to go, but it’ s been tidied up no end and lots of crap has been pulled from the beds.

1. My Mum has painted our fugly (but oh so loved) outdoor utility room/shed a fresh shade of evergreen. I then painted the fence next to it the same shade a few weeks later. You can’t see this bit of the garden from our main kitchen doors, but you can from one of the kitchen windows and it’s not the prettiest view. Now this has been painted green to match the utility room, I can’t wait to add some trellis to either grow climbers up, or to hang some buckets/pots of flowers from the cheer this corner up.


Garden Mar 14


gum 1 gum 2

2. This olive tree has been re-potted into a bigger pot. It was clinging on to life in its last, much smaller blue one (you could tell this by the fact its roots were just taking up the pot, there was barely any soil left! Whoops…). It now looks much happier and healthier and it will be interesting to see if it grows bigger now that it has more room to breathe. On a superficial note, the olive-carved design on the pot really compliments the tree! NB in the background of the below pic you can see two geraniums in pots that are thriving. HOW these survived winter with me looking after them I do not know, but they add a lovely shot of colour, to what is otherwise a bare bit of decking right now. I’m usually rubbish at caring for trees, but you can always get a bit of help and advice, and companies like http://www.placertreeservice.com/loomis/ can help you look after them successfully. 

gum 3 gum 4

3. The bed on the left hand side of the garden (facing away from the house) has been cleared of dead and/or woody plants and shrubs. I was sad to see a lavender bush go, but Mum said that it was really on its last legs and that we’d be better off starting afresh- which I want to do as I love lavender! Mum also moved some Forget-me-nots that were on the other side of the garden and drowning in a load of mint, to this bed, along with some Gladioli that were sprouting randomly in a couple of pots. The redcurrant bush needs a good prune, but we’ll leave this now until Autumn when the berries have fallen. The bed looks really fresh now and ready for some new plants, which I can wait to choose! We went to the garden centre yesterday in the rain to do a bit of plant recce, and I got thoroughly over-excited. I am OLD I tell you, OLD! Looking at the pictures below of the redcurrant bush, the ‘before’ picture being taken in March, and the ‘after’ taken in May, shows what can happen in the space of 2 months. Nature is Ker-razy!


Garden Mar 4


gum 6 gum 7 gum 8 gum 9

4. One of the beds on the right-hand side of the garden was teaming with mint, which has now been dug out completely and a small bit saved and re-potted so it can’t spread like crazy. We also got rid of some ‘woody’ rosemary and thyme, and will buy fresh plants to grow in pots. Mum noticed that not one, but two, of our raspberry plants had started shooting, so once the mint was out, these were taken out of their existing pots and positioned in front of the fence in this spot (it gets a great mix of sun and shade). I’m praying these ‘take’, and I can’t wait for fresh, homegrown raspberries!


Garden Mar 13


gum 10gum 13

5. The rest of the beds past the newly planted raspberry plants were really overgrown, so Mum trimmed the bushes back and dug out the old plants. We need to get a chainsaw to this old yukka tree stump, to cut it down and destroy the roots, and until we’ve done this we don’t want to put fresh soil or plants down as it will take all the goodness it can. I’m still undecided as to what to grow here- flowers/shrubs or some veg. In the square bed next to the raspberries (you can see the kids gnomes peaking out, cheers, Val!) we’re definitely going to grow runner beans via a cane wigwam and bought some bean plants today to get cracking with. I think i’m veering towards flowers this year, and start some fruit and veg via pots in the meantime. We also got some tomato plants today, and these will be grown in pots.

gum 11

6. The roses are really blooming now up the side of our garage and the bird box! We need to try and train them some way or other, but it’s not a priority right now.

gum 14 gum 15 gum 16

7. The area where the old shed was is still the same, but with some exciting news for F & S- we ordered them THIS playhouse the other day, so this should arrive within the next week or so and will be erected (not by me, thank god) here!

Garden Mar 12

8. Oh, and finally we took the fence down that sectioned off the decking! It has made the biggest difference to the garden and how it looks size-wise.


Garden Mar 9Garden Mar 3


gum 17

So that’s our garden progress in May!

Now it’s all about the actual design re where the plants are going to be placed, which again, I will be gratefully receiving my Mum’s help and advice with. I’ve got to admit, i’m surprised at how gradually hooked I’m getting on the idea gardening, I just need to brush up on my plant knowledge and actually find the time to do something myself!

Digging along with Annie & Co over at Mammasaurus Blog! 




  1. Lauren
    May 28, 2014 / 8:20 pm

    Wow! You’ve certainly been busy. It looks amazing, and taking the fence away really has made it look bigger.
    I’m sure the children are going to love their playhouse! x

  2. May 28, 2014 / 10:41 pm

    Thanks Lauren, although my Mum has to take credit for most of the hard work, so lucky to have her nearby now! Hoping the children love the playhouse- if not, I will turn it into my den!

  3. May 29, 2014 / 9:45 am

    Such great progress! It’s lovely to see what a great garden you’re making. Good luck with ‘training’ your rose – if anyone has any tips, I’d be very grateful to hear how they do it successfully!
    Emma 🙂

    • May 29, 2014 / 4:17 pm

      Thank you so much Emma! I too would like some advice on how to train roses- it’s something I’ve never done before!

      • May 29, 2014 / 4:31 pm

        Well let me know if you find anything different that works – they are so lovely, but seem to have a very strong mind of their own! ex.

  4. May 29, 2014 / 10:44 am

    Can I recommend a series of books to you? The are the ‘Expert’ range of books by D G Hessayon, we used them intensively when we started out gardening. They are easy to find, read and understand.

  5. May 29, 2014 / 11:59 am

    It’s looking good! So much hard work!

  6. May 29, 2014 / 2:22 pm

    That looks brilliant! Hooray for mums eh? (and I say that as someone whose mother gives my garden a regular overhaul!)

  7. Mammasaurus
    May 29, 2014 / 7:33 pm

    Love this – and how much you mum has helped, I should give my mum this post link to read 😉

    I always find it really encouraging to see how much difference a spot of hardwork makes – it’s going to be even lovelier in a few months! Liking your choice of evergreen cover too – thanks ever so much for joining in and sharing x

    • May 29, 2014 / 9:54 pm

      I do hope so, Annie! I just can’t wait to get the plants in the beds! My Mum took 3 days to really clear the beds and re-pot the bits and bobs- the fence only took me a couple of hours when the kids were napping, every little helps right? 😉 I’m quite excited about how much I’m starting to get interested in all things garden-related, never thought this of me- EVER!

  8. May 29, 2014 / 8:45 pm

    Good progress indeed this May – one day I will have a flower garden but at the moment progress is hindered by ducks who eat everything!

  9. Leanne (@suggys.co.uk/Leanne)
    May 29, 2014 / 9:05 pm

    your garden looks great! a fresh lick of paint does the world of good! 🙂 #HDYGG

    • May 29, 2014 / 9:56 pm

      Thanks Leanne! A fresh lick of paint is a total breath of fresh air, will be even more pleased once I can get some trellis up it 🙂

  10. May 30, 2014 / 11:19 am

    It is looking so pretty. I am mad on painting in the garden, makes such a difference. Our decking area is fenced off and I have plans to remove it next year and create a bigger lawn.

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