8 Ways To Create Your Own Practical Home Office

home officeIf you’re looking for a way to get more work done at home, you’re going to need to create your own practical home office. Creating a home office is a good idea if you work from home semi-regularly, as it gives you somewhere to get focused and avoid distractions like the TV and the fridge. 

Creating the ideal office in your home will be so conductive to your productivity and will give you the perfect space to get into the zone and get stuff done. Below, you’ll find 8 ways to create your own practical home office, including buying instore and sourcing office furniture online. Take a look! 

Build It Out Of The Way of The Rest Of The House

Building your home office out of the way is usually the best idea if you have a choice. For example, attic conversions are a great way to create a quiet little home office, as are garage conversions. Having somewhere away from everything else will ensure peace and quiet as well as less temptation from other distractions in the home. 

Ensure Plenty Of Storage Options 

Your home office is going to need a ton of storage. You’ll need to store work documents and other work related things, your tax documents, letters, and more. Make sure you have so much storage that clutter just isn’t an issue for you. You can go for storage on wheels if that makes more sense, or you could go for vertical storage with plenty of shelves. Having different options will ensure that you can store and access just about anything with ease. 

Let In Natural Light 

Natural light is great for productivity, so let it in. Change your window coverings so that more natural light can flood the room, and avoid harsh overhead lighting. The latter kind of lighting can actually stop you from feeling productive and make you feel fatigued. 

Don’t Buy Cheap Equipment 

You deserve the best, so aim to buy the best equipment you can afford. This doesn’t mean splurging on luxury equipment that you don’t really need, rather, making sure you have the best thing for the job that fits within your budget. A great chair will support your spine and help you to concentrate, so if you’re looking for office chairs in Melbourne make sure you go to a reputable supplier.

A sturdy desk will also last a lifetime, and consider corner desk ideas too in order to maximise the space and shape of your room. You may also want to purchase an extra monitor, or even a laptop stand so that it’s at a healthier height for your eye line and neck. These things will make a difference to your health over time, so don’t neglect them. 

Accessorise It

Just because this is an office, doesn’t mean it should look boring and stuffy. Have fun and accessorize it. Use the things that make you feel happy and productive. Fill it with plenty of color, textures, and imagery. As long as it makes you want to spend time in there, then it’s a great home office. Pinterest has all kinds of incredible ideas, so take a look and see what you can come up with. 

Add Plants 

Plants help to clear the air, add natural beauty to a room, and can make us happier just by looking at them, according to studies. Plants are a wonderful addition to any room in the home, but especially an office. Buy a big focal plant to make a statement and inspire you when you need it. Some people even talk to their plants

Keep Track Of Your Goals With A Noticeboard 

Having a noticeboard can help you to keep track of your goals and prioritize the things you need to do that day. It also helps you to keep important dates and other things fresh in your mind. Notice boards come in many styles, so there’s bound to be one that suits your needs. 


Don’t Let Small, Awkward Spaces Put You Off

Think you can’t have a home office because you don’t have any space? Think again! Small, awkward spaces can actually still be perfect for your home office. Landings and hallways are a particularly great way to squeeze in a little home office that is still very usable. You don’t need an entire spare room. A nook under the stairs can look particularly wonderful when designed carefully, and if you’re still worried about noise then you should simply invest in a pair of noise blocking headphones. There are ways around having no space! 


Creating a practical home office will no doubt help you to increase productivity. Which of these tips are you going to use to create yours? Leave your thoughts and ideas below! 

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