6 Mistakes Most Austin Bicycle Accident Victims Make

Most bike accident victims suffer serious injuries as well as emotional trauma. Here in Austin, the city that never sleeps, where people move in and out and getting by is made easy by bicycles, bicycle accidents are not new. While victims may deserve payment for harm, many make errors that could affect their case.

It is important to get proper compensation for the damages done. That’s why you should consult a skilled bicycle accident lawyer in Austin. Knowing the common dangers helps you ride safely and get fair compensation. Below are six common mistakes that most victims of Austin bicycle accidents make.

1.   Accepting a Quick Settlement Offer

Insurance companies make quick settlement offers right after an accident to pay as little as possible. Most of the exciting-looking offers, at first glance, will generally involve monetary risks on your part. Most of these initial offers are well below their fair value and serve as partial compensation against your injuries and other losses.

2.   Failing to Seek Immediate Medical Attention

One of the mistakes that most bicycle accident victims make is that they do not get medical attention immediately. The most important thing is to consult a doctor immediately after an accident.

Some injuries, like whiplash, may not show symptoms but become serious if they are not treated. When you seek medical care immediately, you will have created a record of your injuries, which could be very important in a personal injury claim.

3.   Not Documenting the Scene of the Accident

Another obvious mistake most people make is failing to document the accident scene properly. This includes failing to take pictures of the concerned vehicles, seeing and stating injuries, or identifying the road conditions that might have triggered the accident.

The evidence is essential to demonstrating responsibility and receiving payment for your wounds. Additionally, be sure to get the information of any witnesses, as their statements can be important in deciding who is to blame.

4.   Neglecting to Report the Accident

Filing a well-documented accident report can get you all the support you need to claim compensation. Most victims of bicycle accidents give in to the temptation of turning a blind eye and moving on with their lives. Little do such people know the huge costs of not reporting an accident to the police.

All accidents resulting from injury or property must be reported to the police in Austin, Texas. Besides that, it will also provide a suitable record of the incident to ensure that appropriate authorities are alerted.

5.   Admitting Fault at the Scene

It is easy to say or do things that could hurt your case in the confusion and chaos that normally follow a bicycle accident. One of the common mistakes is admitting fault at the accident scene. You should not make statements that seem to admit blame. Instead, stick to the facts and only discuss fault once you’ve spoken with a qualified attorney.

6.   Failure to Hire an Experienced Bicycle Accident Lawyer

A bicycle accident victim in Austin probably commits the costliest mistake by not hiring an experienced attorney. The insurance firm and the negligent party are keen on underplaying or denying the charges.

An experienced bicycle accident lawyer will defend your rights, gather the required evidence, negotiate with the insurance company, and conduct a proper investigation. These benefits ensure that you have enhanced chances of compensation.


The likely harm that results from bicycle accidents has severe consequences for victims. Furthermore, an attorney ensures that your voices are heard and that no more errors happen. They will ensure that you receive fair compensation for all the losses you have incurred.

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