5 ways to prepare your home for winter

Once summer is over and the nights gradually start drawing in, thoughts turn from summers in the garden and having those back doors open, to hunkering down and preparing your home for winter. By preparing your home for this time of year, you can hopefully sail through it and enjoy cosy nights in with both friends and family! 

One of the things I love about living in the UK is the change of seasons, and whilst I love summer, I equally love colder weather, autumn, and then heading into Christmas! By making sure our home is functioning as well as it can be, our family can enjoy the winter season, without worrying that our home is going to come ‘unstuck’.

Here are my 5 top tips to prepare your home for winter…

Clear out your gutters

Sounds boring, but a really important job as leaves from the trees begin to fall is to make sure our gutters are cleared out. We’ve had new guttering put along the back of our new extension when it was built last year, so it’s important that this is kept in good condition, as it could prove costly otherwise in terms of clearance. Leaves collect in gutters and drains, which in turn cause these expensive blockages. Clearing them out fairly often, and as you head into winter will help avoid any overflows and subsequent water damage to your home.

Bleed your radiators

One thing Adam and I do (okay, Adam does) regularly is to bleed our radiators. We’ve had lovely new radiators fitted in most of the rooms in our home since we moved in 3 years ago, and by bleeding them, especially as we reach autumn and you’re more likely to have them on, means they will be working as well as they can. Crucial in the current climate and cost of living crisis, where we need to make our heating as efficient and cost-effective as possible. 

The process of bleeding a radiator involves releasing any trapped air from the system, and allows hot water to fill every part of the radiator and heat your home effectively. 

Service the boiler

It’s good practice AKA a grown up thing to do to get your boiler serviced every year. By arranging a check with a reputable plumber or boiler service person, you’ll highlight any issues that may have arisen over the summer months when the heating isn’t turned on. Again, at the moment we all want to ensure our heating is tip top and try and beat those energy bills. 

Check your roof

Before any bad weather sets in, it would pay to go up in the loft and check that there are no pesky holes anywhere that could let leaks in once it starts to rain more. Broken tiles, ripped lining and insulation and cracks in the chimney could all point to issues too, meaning that water could come in during heavy rain or even snow. A decent roofer can help identify and fix issues- we always use one recommended to us locally by family and friends. 

Get your chimney swept

If you use an open fire or stove, it’s important that you have your chimney swept and checked regularly, even if you have a liner in place. By sweeping it regularly, you’ll get rid of any blockages that could pose as hazardous and potentially cause a chimney fire. 


So there are my top tips for getting my home ready for winter- if you have any yourself I’d love to hear in the comments below! Meanwhile, read more of my home and interiors posts here




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