5 Reasons your family needs a Eurocamp holiday this year

Growing up, we had some ace family holidays to various places, but a couple of my favourites were holidays to France with Eurocamp. We stayed in resorts in the beautiful Dordogne, sunny South of France and Brittany, and I had the time of my life jumping in and out of the pool all day, making new friends and eating my entire body weight in ‘jambon et frites’ (pretty much my 2 main food groups circa 1992). 

Fast forward 24 years, and last year I literally couldn’t wait to take our little ones to Eurocamp Ca Savio in Italy. We all had a brilliant holiday, and I could see why my parents found Eurocamp a stress-free, relatively cheap, great way to entertain family members of all ages for 2 weeks. Freddie and Sasha had a blast, and Adam and I spent many an evening watching them play in the adventure park next to the bar/restaurant (IDEAL), or supping wine on our Esprit decking whilst they slept (equally ideal). 

We’re off Eurocamping again this May, this time to the Bella Italia site on Lake Garda, and I am SO looking forward to some sun after a long gloomy winter, and to having a family babymoon before Freeman no 3 makes their appearance at the end of June. 

Here are 5 reasons why you need to book a family Eurocamp holiday, pronto:

It’s value for money with a young family

Let’s face it, before we even start looking to book our family holiday, we all have in mind a budget we can afford, and also what’s suitable for the ages of the holiday party. Like many parents of young children, I want a decent holiday and to feel like I’m actually on holiday, but the thought of spending 5K on 5 star luxury when I’m not going to get much peace and quiet snoozing, supping endless cocktails and reading 20 books doesn’t appeal so much these days. Whilst I can still have snippets of all those lovely things I’ve listed, I don’t want to spend a fortune. Eurocamp holidays are perfect as they are SO reasonably priced, even for one of their top-of-the-range mobile homes. There’s less pressure to have a ‘perfect’ holiday as you’re never paying through the nose. 

Eat when you want

Yet another great thing about Eurocamping, and indeed, any form of self-catering is the fact that you can eat to suit you and your family. We spent several evenings eating out in Ca Savio last year, but often would feed the kids some tea back at our Esprit first before venturing out later in the evening. I also loved being able to put the kids down for a siesta, whilst having full access to chilled wine and lunch in our fridge at any time. Not to mention a lazy breakfast on the decking in the sunshine in our PJs before hitting the pool. Whilst I don’t want to slave away cooking whilst I’m on holiday, with kids in tow it’s nice to know they can be fed and watered at times convenient to you. 

Big family, no problem!

I might sound shallow, but I must admit that one of the big factors to deciding whether or not to go for baby number 3 was whether or not we’d still be able to holiday ‘well’ with an extra child and no longer the neat ‘2 adults, 2 children’ model, and by ‘well’ I mean afford to go at all! I have confidence though that even if we never holidayed anywhere else again, I KNOW that aside from an buying an extra flight or squeezing an extra bum in the car, that we can holiday with a 3rd child. Eurocamp has 3 bed tents and mobile homes (housing 6) that barely cost anymore than a 2 bed version, when it can often become extortionate to book 2 adjoining hotel rooms.

A ridiculous amount of things to do

From spending all day in the pool and up and down waterslides, to crazy golf, football, climbing, Lego club, dancing and SO much more, we were never short of anything to do. Whilst there is nothing stopping anyone lazing by the pool all day (the stuff of dreams for me but probably on hold now until 2027), we are (and when I say ‘we’, I mean the children) are very much a family of ‘doers’ and like to keep active. Eurocamp has so many wonderful things to try, plus kids clubs if you want to utilise them at any time, that even the most energetic member of the family would have trouble keeping up with it all!

Beautiful Locations

Whether it’s an alpine retreat you’re looking for, or a sunny French resort, every Eurocamp location is situated somewhere fabulous. No crappy blinding-white high-rise hotel blocks here, just tents and mobile homes nestled thoughtfully in beautiful surroundings. 

 We love Eurocamp!

Have you ever been on a Eurocamp holiday? If so, where did you go?


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  1. February 24, 2017 / 9:17 pm

    I have never been on a Eurocamp holiday before, we always holidayed long haul when I was younger and I haven’t been brave enough to take my little two away yet. We have been looking for holiday’s and after reading this I think we will have to try a Eurocamp holiday, they seem perfect when you have little ones. x

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