My summer fitness programme with Springfree Trampolines!


When our family were made summer blog ambassadors for the fabulous Springfree Trampolines, at the forefront of my mind was how happy I was for the children, and how lucky they were to be able to test-drive such a great outdoor ‘toy’. 

What I didn’t realise is how hooked I would become on our new trampoline, and how it has already become a staple part of my exercise routine. You see, the thing I love most about have a good old post-kiddy-bedtime bounce, is that it really gives me the ability to ‘switch off’. I do going running, and for the most part I enjoy it, but unlike some people I don’t actually find it particularly helps me to unwind or be alone with my thoughts. I think this is probably due to where we live, and that when I’m running, I’m often concentrating on not running into people or dodging oncoming traffic as I cross roads. With the trampoline in my quiet garden, I really do feel so peaceful bouncing away, and love the fact I get some time to think. 

It’s certainly decent exercise (10 mins constant bouncing is the equivalent of a 30 minute jog), but yet I feel really relaxed doing it (and it has the bonus that you don’t have the general public watching you become a sweaty, panting mess). Being able to exercise at home is certainly handy when you have children and possibly can’t go out on an evening/morning if it’s only you around, and this (in my opinion) is infinitely more enjoyable than puffing away and trying to avoid kicking a vase/photo frame/toy garage when doing my ‘Davina’ fitness DVD (soz Dav). 

So…with all this in mind I thought I’d share the Springfree fitness programme that I’m currently using (along with some of my own moves, natch 😉 ). The programme was developed by fitness expert Rod Porter, and can be tailored to the abilities of the user. Here I’ve focused on some basic beginner movements, as I can conclude that just because you loved trampolining aged 10 at school, it does not make you an expert! And of course, please consult a doctor before starting any new exercise program.

tramp 1tramp 2

I’ve really found that trampolining has quickly and easily become one of my favourite forms of exercise, something that I would never have imagined.

Here are some snaps of me enjoying a bit of a bounce, with the above fitness programme in mind!

Top tip: Make sure you have those boobies strapped down 😉

0151 0231 0291

Have YOU considered trampolining as part of your fitness routine? Maybe you use yours already- I’d love to hear!


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My Home Style: Edition 8

Hello all! At the moment things might be a tad quieter on the blog, what with the wedding on Friday (EEEEEEEK) and then Adam and I going on honeymoon, followed by a week’s holiday with the fam, but I will still endevour to continue to write about my faves. With that in mind I bring you Edition 8 of My Home Style (#MyHomeStyle), and there are, indeed, some lovely photos as ever from the best of Instagram’s interiors on the blog today. 

If you ever want to join in this fun hashtag, all you have to do is take a photo of something you love that is related to interiors/the home, and then tag the photo on IG with #MyHomeStyle. Every fortnight, myself and Emma (Life at the Little Wood) choose our favourites that we believe are a feast for the eyes, and share them with our readers. All are welcome to take part! 

There is no particular theme this week, just some snaps that caught my eye- my tired, wedding-planing-fried brain can’t process much else right now, so I just want some pretty things/rooms to drool over!

First up, I love Laura’s (@laurarobinson5) arty snap of her mirror and photo wall. I love seeing ideas for photo walls, as it’s something I’ve been meaning to so for ages in our own hallway, but haven’t bothered as I’ve known that our house would be completely redecorated once the building work has finished. I like the variety of frame sizes and colours, and the fact there is a mix of photos and prints. She’s also teasing us with the sneak peak of her bedroom- I’d like to see more of this (not in that way you filthy beggers!)


I’m a big fan or globes/maps within the home, and when I was small used to kneel up and look at the map in my Dad’s study for hours <geek>, so therefore I still feel very drawn to them, which is why I like Aimee’s (@missaimeefluer) so much. I also love the pops of turquoise colour in the room- they look great against the largely neutral palate. 


I adore Claire’s (@clairemb12) photo styling of her home accessories and trinkets, and the yellow, blue and green all together, along with the different patterns and motifs is really eye-catching.


This kitchen of @mrsmagnetitt is to die for! The small mint green tiles on the side of the breakfast bar look great against the crisp whiteness of the rest of the kitchen, and it just has such a bright, clean feel. Top marks too for the purple Kitchen Aid!



From one Kitchen Aid to another…Lesley’s (@lesleylocket) picture really appealed to me, as cheesy as it sounds, I love nothing more than the idea of being at home in a cosy kitchen and whipping up something tasty/baking. Ok, ok, I’ll wake up from my Mrs Beeton fantasty (or nightmare, depending on how you feel about all things domesticated), but STILL. Nothing will stop me swooning over this yellow mixer and it’s perfectness! 


Big thumbs up to Chloe’s (@chloegraceb) lovely pot and flower/succulent arrangement. A great way to add interest to a fireplace of shelf.


@Lotte5378 is an Instagrammer worth following, as she has some truly gorgeous photos of her home, party styling and fashion choices. This week she has two photos that I love. Firstly, her bathroom is heavenly with a real vintage feel to it, and secondly, I think her upcycled vintage pink dresser is inspired. I really want one for a dressing table in our new loft bedroom!

0601 0611

And finally this week…I found this photo by Luisla (@luislapegna) and I think everything about this room is fantastic. From the huge talking point of a picture (ok so this might not be to everyone’s taste) to the gorgeous yellow decanters that pop against it, it just looks ace. I like how there are lots of textures going on throughout. Super cool.


So what did you love this week? I’d love to hear!

PS Don’t forget you’ve got until Friday this week to vote in the MAD Blog awards. I’m so chuffed and rather shocked to have reached the final of the ‘Best Home and Interiors Blog’ category, so if you like what you read here, I would love, love, LOVE (and would be incredibly grateful for) your vote! 

So, if you would like to vote for me, please do click the link HERE(and maybe vote for some other lovely blogs at the same time!)

Thank you! 

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Little Loves #2

Happy Friday! Hope the week has been kind to you? We’re on wedding countdown, 2 weeks today and we’ll be getting hitched! Last minute preparation has been taking place, along with sorting and ordering some bits for our ongoing loft conversion. I have caught Sasha’s stinking cold, so I sit here writing this in my PJs and drinking Lemsip :-( Oh well, best get all illnesses out of the way now- I do not want to feel like this on the 26th! 

Linking up with the lovely Morgana again (I will be more consistent I promise!), here are my ‘Little Loves’ this week :-)


I’ve recently finished re-reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, as part of the excitement build-up to Harper Lee’s new novel, ‘Go Set a Watchman’. I first read it about 5 years ago, and found it such a gripping read, as well as a brilliant history lesson on early 20th century southern United States. Scout is such a strong female character, despite being so young. I love the name too, and wished I’d be able to slip it into Sasha’s name for some great feminine inspiration!



‘How to be a Boheminan’, which was on BBC4 the other night and hosted by Victoria Coren Mitchell, who I really admire as a journalist, writer and presenter. I thought it might annoy me slightly, as I often find people who try too hard to be all arty-farty and anti-establishment to be a bit pretentious, but it was actually really interesting and funny! Lots of historical info and background to the original bohemians (god I’m sounding nerdy with my references to the history love this week!), plus some great interviews with genuinely boheminan characters, who interestingly were quite scathing about bohemians in general! Definitely worth a watch on catch up! 

I have also been emotionally torturing myself by watching back-to-back DIY SOS: The Big Build, and Long Lost Family- HUGE sob-fest here, and always makes me feel so grateful that we are all currently happy, healthy and together.

The children being (mostly) very sweet to each other. This snap was taken the other morning when something on the telly both caught their eye. They gradually edged closer and closer to one another, before putting their arms around the other, still glued to the telly. Too sweet not to take a snap!



I’ve been lucky enough to have been sent a few new items of clothing to road test on the blog the last couple of weeks, so managed to take a few snaps of these, including some ace high-waisted jeans from Mango, and a couple of pairs of shoes. Brantano sent me a cracking pair of ankle boots by Emilio Lucas, and a pair of of lovely Nike Court Majestics (full post coming soon) to try (you can never have too many pairs of trainers!). I actually quite like the sort of weather we’re having at the moment- warm but not roasting- and it means I can wear little tea dresses with boots and a leather jacket, one of my favourite looks. I like my layers! 

020 066





I also treated myself to some grey suede Adidas Gazelles (I really do love trainers!), and a pair of pyjamas from Next, my first in about 15 years, so this was sadly very exciting for me.



Fashion-wise for the children, We’ve bought them a few bits and bobs for the summer, but I’m really waiting for the weather to warm up a bit more before parting with the cash. Freddie in particular grows like a weed! I did get Sasha some new converse baseball boots that she’d been eyeing up, and a sweet little cat-eared boater hat from H&M. They have some great stuff in there for children at the moment, I could have gone mad!

0761 0771


Adam and I are trying to compile a playlist for our wedding DJ (2 weeks today, meep!), so have been going through a whole host of tracks, from more laid back jazz/folk/motown/60s sounds for early on in the evening, to Ibiza club classics and old skool garage much later on. And everything else in between! It’s been one of my favourite wedding planning ‘jobs’ so far.

I also discovered this last week or so that I have made it to the finals of the MADS in the ‘Best Home and Interiors Blog’ category, and to say I was SO chuffed and shocked would be an understatement. I genuinely can’t believe that I am up against some lovely bloggers and fabulous blogs- it really is a blogging dream come true! 

MAD Blog Awards UK 2015


These yummy melted tuna muffins for the children’s tea earlier on in the week- they went down a storm!


Not strictly made by myself, but I bought this ‘Art Therapy Colouring Book’ from our local garden centre on Wednesday, and have really enjoyed doodling in it the last couple of nights. It really is relaxing. I need to upgrade my colouring pencils though, mine are bit on the shabby side!


and finally…

We took the children to the London Transport Museum last Sunday, as there was a special Mr Men fun day on (which happen to be F & S’ favourite books right now). They had a blast, with a special-themed story time, Mr Men trail and a craft session, plus all the usual great areas for little ones. Thames Nipper anyone?! Love it. 

PicMonkey Collage mr men day


Hope everyone has had a great week, and have an even better weekend!





Jazz up your jean collection with Mango and House of Fraser


Whilst I am definitely a ‘dress girl’ on occasion, the one thing I am on a day-to-day basis is a lover of jeans. My wardrobe is bursting with them (ask Adam!), and at last count I had nearly 30 pairs, which is actually quite embarrassing if you think about it (I try not to). 

As a busy Mum running about after a 3 and 4 year old, and also working from home, plus doing a fair bit of networking/socialising in the evening, I need my jeans to do their bit, yet I also want to look vaguely stylish. I hate the long-standing cliche that ‘Mummy at home = frump’, and have always done my best to knock this on the head, even if i’m heading home to crack on with a social media management campaign, and the only person to see me that day is the postman (oi oi!). 

So when House of Fraser offered me the chance to road test a pair of Mango high-waisted skinny ‘Noa’ Jeans, i jumped at the chance. I buy my jeans from a variety of places, and TopShop ‘Leigh’s are usually my go-to ones, and I have them in a variety of colours. However, the pairs I’ve bought of late have seemed to fade quite quickly after several washes and/or have thinned out quicker than they used to. I have therefore been on the hunt to try some different styles/makes, so this offer couldn’t have come at a better time.

I was nervous as to how they would fit on arrival. There is nothing worse than ordering your usual size (a 10 in my case), only for them to be depressingly tight, or the other end of the spectrum, saggy around the legs and bum. All too often the jeans go loose after a few washes, which is a big disappointment. 

Not so in the case of the ‘Noa’s’- these babies fitted like a glove, and have maintained their fit after a month of wear now. They have also surprisingly maintained their colour too. I opted for a marl- navy pair (goes with everything, looks great day or night), and they are still looking fresh. It sounds silly, but the jeans feel ‘supportive’ – stretchy and comfy yet ‘firm’ at the same time. High-waisted styles can feel like they cut you in half, but these definitely have some give. Perfect for that ‘food baby’ when you’re eating out 😉

At 5ft 5, I’ve found the jeans are just on the long side of right, if you are shorter they might be a little too long for you. I have worn them with trainers (as in the pics above), but they also look cracking with a pair of chelsea boots or heels. #winning 

These will genuinely be my new favourites for future high-waisted jean purchases, and I’m already eyeing up the grey and black pair. 

Just because you’re kicking around with the kids, there’s no excuse for looking shabby!*

What are your favourite pair of jeans?


*unless you’re like me right now typing this, at home, in PJs with a stinking cold, then you’re allowed 😉


Thanks so much to House of Fraser for being ace and gifting me these fabulous jeans! All words and opinions my own, and I am FUSSY when it comes to my trews.

Hat – ASOS, Blouse – Zara, Jeans – Mango c/o House of Fraser, Trainers – Adidas Gazelles at Next

Freddie, Butterflies and “Where do died things go?”

123 124 126 127 131 133 134 135 136

As a parent you feel like you should know all the answers to your child’s questions (Why are YOU my Mummy and not somebody else? How do chickens make eggs? Why am I born? That last one there is DEEP, especially at 6am). I realise that we are only human though, and sadly not superheroes- we just can’t have those answers all the time. 

The one I thought I would be prepared for is around the subject of death, and expecting the inevitable “What does ‘died’ mean?”. I had it all planned out, you know, what I was going to say, after all, it’s quite an important topic.

“Well, when something dies, it’s usually when they are very very old, or are very very sick, and then they go to sleep forever and don’t wake up and then they probably feel much, much better”

And reading this back, it seems actually a bizarre way of explaining death. But like I said, we haven’t practised this sort of thing before, and what the hell do I know?! 😉

I wanted to be as honest as possible, as I thought the concept of ‘heaven’ might be even more confusing, and I’m not sure how I fell about that anyway myself.

A few weeks ago we bought one of those ‘grow your own butterflies’ kits, where you get sent 5 caterpillars through the post (true story), they live in this little pot with food, and after a while turn themselves into cocoons, that are then ready to transfer to this netted enclosure, in order for them to eventually turn into butterflies.

After a while it became apparent that only 3 caterpillars had graduated to cocoons, where as the other two (Henry and Sophie!) had sadly not made the hairy caterpillar cut.

THIS I thought, was the perfect (well, as it ever could be) introduction to death and dying.

So Freddie asked why only 3 were cocoons, and what had happened to the other two caterpillars.

When I said that they had ‘died’, and well, basically what I have written above, as gently as possible, and that it’s very sad but it’s what happens sometimes (I still don’t know if this was even too brutal for a 4 year old?), the lip began to wobble.

And those big blue eyes that I love so much filled with tears, that began to roll down his cheeks.

He stifled a sob and said “but I don’t want anyone I love to die”

I reassured him that it didn’t happen very often (and touched wood about a million times that this would still be the case), and cuddled him in close to me, but he was inconsolable for a good half hour.

I wondered if I had done the right thing, talking about death, to someone so little.

There doesn’t appear to be a manual that tells us when is the right time to broach such subjects.

Or even if/when they really understand.

So maybe it shouldn’t have surprised me, after 2 beautiful tortoiseshell butterflies emerged from their cocoons (another didn’t make it out properly, I didn’t bother bringing this unfortunate end up this time)

that Freddie shouted “Mummy, Henry and Sophie are back, they’re back from died!”

He genuinely thought that those rotting caterpillars on the bottom of that grotty plastic pot had come back to life, and that ‘died’ clearly didn’t mean forever at all. 

It was the Butterfly equivalent of the Resurrection!

And you know what?

I wasn’t going to spoil that for him, not on this occasion.

Because in that split second of tiny 4 year old optimism, I realised how sweet, perfect and how simplistic they are. That they just don’t get the concept that something so terrible could happen as ‘died’.

And so as we released our impostor ‘Sophie’ and ‘Henry’, a few days later, Freddie stood watch over them as they fluttered in the grass and gathered strength in their wings.

For a while they just sat there, before flapping about us and landing on my boy’s hands.

“They don’t want to leave me!” exclaimed Freddie.

“No, they must have been really happy with us” I said.

It was then I knew I was happy to let him believe his concept of ‘died’ for that bit longer, to maintain that beautiful innocence of his.

It was a lesson learned for me.

For as sure as our little ones grow and thrive, the one thing that does die is their naivety about the world, and about life, and that innocence.

I just hope my sensitive, blonde-haired, gentle giant can keep his for as long as possible…


I’m not usually this sentimental on the blog, but this really got to me! When did you discuss the subject of death with your children? Is 4 too young? Any tips on how to do this well? I clearly need all the help I can get for the future!


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A Recipe: Tasty Melted Tuna Muffins

121101 105 110 114 119

I’ve been so bored of what I’ve been dishing up the children for tea after preschool of late, that I’m sure they must be getting pretty tired of the same old favourites too! My two are generally great eaters and not that fussy, so I’m more than willing to try new things with them- it’s just that it’s easy to be tired after a long day and just whip up something in your comfort zone (read: peanut butter sarnies, cheesy beans on toast). 

I thought I would test these tasty Melted Tuna Muffins out on Freddie and Sasha last night, and I can happily report thay they went down a storm! With the mild flavour of sping onions running through them, they can actually be a great grown up weekend lunch too- thumbs up all round!

Tasty Melted Tuna Muffins
Serves 2
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  1. 80g canned tuna (I use 2 small tins)
  2. 1 tablespoon mayonnaise
  3. 1 tablespoon tomato ketchup
  4. 1 English muffin per person (half a one per preschooler)
  5. 2 tablespoons sweetcorn
  6. 2 spring onions, finely sliced
  7. 30g cheddar cheese, although we use Manchego as our family is largely cow-dairy free
  1. 1. Scoop the tuna into a bowl, and mix in the ketchup, mayonnaise, sweetcorn and spring onion.
  2. 2. Slice each muffin in half, and toast.
  3. 3. Spread the tuna mixture evenly onto the halves of your toasted muffins, and cover with grated cheese.
  4. 4. Place under the grill for 2-3 minutes until the cheese is golden and bubbling.
  5. 5. Serve with salad and enjoy!
The Spirited Puddle Jumper


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My Home Style – Edition 7

Morning! Today, as a special treat, I have a bumper crop of fabulous home inspiration from that time wasting-vortex that is Instagram! Due to being so busy (you can read my mind dump on this if you wish!), I have been off Instagram more than is usual, so imagine my joy when I hopped back in and discovered all the loveliness that had been posted by some of the best bloggers and Instagrammers going.

It always fills me with joy and gives me a lift (however sad that sounds) to see so many pretty homes and some beautiful styling. I wouldn’t say I’m particularly materialistic (several weeks living at my in-laws out of a suitcase has confirmed that I don’t NEED stuff as such), but seeing a pretty home/well thought out space/ unusual home accessory definitely gives me a lift. I think the home we live in, whether big or small, bought or rented, flat or house, is the chance to make our mark, even if you don’t have a huge amount of money, and really showcases someone’s personality. I love seeing what people work in brilliant and inspiring ways with what they have. 

If you want to join in with ‘My Home Style’ on Instagram, just use the hastag #MyHomeStyle, and my lovely co-host, Emma, and I, will pick them up and choose our favourites every fortnight. 

Anyway, as I said before, there are some lovely snaps this week, so sit back, grab a cuppa, and see what my interiors picks of this fortnight are…

First up, it’s a hat-trick from @brickdustandglitter this edition, and I’m enjoying Emily’s summer vibe with all the yellow flowers, and her fab drinks dispenser- Pimms ahoy!

098 099 108

Aimee’s (@missaimeefleur) arty display is so attractive- really like how the colours of the bowls compliment one another, and also the jar with the ‘horse’ lid- very quirky!


I am a HUGE fan of pretty tiled floors in period homes, and Jo’s (@josidley) gorgeous hallway is no exception:



As a big ‘Kitchen Aid’ fan and owner of a white one, I totally get Chloe’s (@chloegraceb) joy at her red one- a great addition to any kitchen and the red really makes a statement. Great choice, C!



So much of interest here with Lucy’s (@capturebylucy) display. My eye was drawn to the grey and white jug (what is it with me and grey?!), and I ADORE the shrimp/prawn painting- SO cool and SO unusual- I want!




Because I’m feeling tres summery, my eye keeps coming back to pics of flowers, and you can’t beat some bright blooms in planter crates, like these ones by Amelia @ohlittleonesweet. Adam and I have a couple of crates as decoration for our wedding in a couple of weeks, so I hope to put them to good use afterwards!




Now, if you’re a minimalist, you may not think this room by @florenceelkouby is the most relaxing of spaces, but I LOVE IT. So much to look at! I like homes/rooms that showcase someone’s personality. To me, she looks like she has such an interesting life/ life experiences, and leaves me wanting to know more. I’d love to see some more rooms in this home!



As someone who needs to seriously work on their outdoor decking area, I am green with envy at my #MyHomeStyle co-host Emma’s (@littlewoodlife) FABULOUS outdoor seating area. I could happily spend many an hour on a weekend/evening sitting out here- simply lovely!



Alice’s (@mynameis_alpie) living space is ace- the prints on the wall are well thought out and the colours of them look great with the dresser/table, and I really like the chair and the purple lamp. It all works so well together :-) PS love the Lego reality on the table too, makes me feel much better! 



The second of 3 of Emma’s (@littlewoodlife) snaps this edition shows what a great home stylist she is. I think I can definitely do some succulents in an old jar as a fab home accessorising idea, although sadly I am lacking in super-cool vintage cameras! 




Donna’s (@genuineplacebo84) jam jar drinking vessels are now on my list to look super-cool at BBQs this summer!




I am SO getting hold of one these prints like @bloomingrooms has, to go in our utility room- ‘Wash Hang Fold Repeat’ is the story of my life these days!




I’ve featured Claire’s (@xclairewoodx) kitchen before on My Home Style, but I like the angle that she’s taken this shot from, as it really shows off what a great downstairs space she has- it just a really good ‘feel’ to it. If this was my home I’d be having parties and gathering all the time! Do you Claire?!




What a great painting idea for a chest of drawers/dresser by Megan (@meganladoucer). I think darker blues are really underrated when it comes to furniture choices, probably because people are worried about it making the room look too dark, but I think they can really ‘pop’ against a light background. Definitely considering something along these lines for the drawers in our new loft room. 



Major bathroom mirror envy here! @notsofrumpy40s apparently got this triple restoration mirror from John Lewis- I so badly want! Just gorgeous!




As a lover of grey in the home (2 rooms now!), I think this workspace of Lins (@booandmaddie)’s is fab, but sadly I don’t think I can use any more of the colour without it starting to look a bit odd! Looks great here though, and I love the white desks.




3rd time of lovliness from Emma this edition, with her beautiful kitchen, I just had to feature it in all its glory! Where do you keep all your stuff though, Em?! Mine is never this neat!




and finally, because you can never have too many flowers, I’ve given you Nanda’s (@nandawiaderna) beautiful pink blooms in an old marmalade pot, the perfect thing to perk up a Monday! What’s not to love?!





I hope you enjoyed my selection this week- what has really got your interiors juices flowing out of these?!



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MAD Blog Awards UK 2015

Mind Dumps and MAD Blog Awards Finals!


Goodness, it feels a while since I wrote a ‘personal’ post on the old blog, such has life been so busy lately. 

Firstly without going all ‘Gwyneth’ on you (I haven’t won yet!) and giving a great, sobbing speech, I want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me in the MAD Blog Awards and got me through to the finals of the ‘Best Home and Interiors Blog’ category, which takes place in September. When Alison text me to tell me on Wednesday evening that I was a finalist, I was genuinely shocked and over the moon! The MADS weren’t the awards I’d ever considered ‘getting anywhere’ in, especially as I hadn’t made the shortlist in ‘Style’ for The BIBS, so with only 6 finalists I thought I stood no chance, and hadn’t even really publicised the fact that people could vote for me, bar a half-hearted ditty on Facebook. I am super-chuffed to be among some brilliant peers in the blogging world in my category, including my lovely #MyHomeStyle co-host and friend, Emma, of ‘Life at The Little Wood’. We started blogging at similar times and it’s been brilliant to go on this blogging journey with someone supportive, and who has similar interests and passions to yourself (sorry if that makes you want to vom!).

Whilst I think it’s important to not let awards rule on how you perceive how good you think your blog is, I have to admit it has been a huge boost. It’s perked me up confidence-wise, and encouraged me to keep plugging away at something I know I love, at a time when life has been so hectic and I’ve felt myself flagging a bit in everywhere area, despite having lots of help at home and with the children. So again, THANKS (you can vote for me by clicking the link at the bottom of the page!). 

On the home/life front, it’s less than 3 weeks now until our wedding, and also the loft conversion is on the final straight, with most of the horrible, dusty work complete. I’m not very good at living in chaos, and a few weeks ago, when we weren’t living at home, and stuff was everywhere, I was feeling totally overwhelmed and out-of-control, but now things are on a more even keel and I feel ‘back in charge’ so to speak. I can’t wait to marry Adam now and be his wife, and I’m also rather excited about (hopefully) never have to think of anything to do with weddings ever again! 

The children are their usual selves again, after a few weeks of being unsettled, and I can’t wait to have the summer with them. We have some great plans for July after Ad and I have been on our honeymoon, including a break to Butlins and our first ever camping trip with friends, but I’m mostly looking forward to chilling out and doing NOTHING (well, not much anyway!). Some outings maybe, but mostly just pottering and playing in the garden, BBQs with friends and just ‘being’. It’s been such a hectic year that it will be nice to have a calm period before Freddie starts school in September. 

Blogging-wise, I’m attending Britmums next Friday, and I’m looking forward to being inspired once more. I have loads of plans and ideas for posts/the blog in general, but feel I haven’t been able to give them full head space what with being so busy, and that should change after the wedding. I can tell I haven’t been in my normal blogging/social media flow as I haven’t been on Instagram as much as usual *the HORROR*. I’ve also been a bit of a flaky blog friend of late, and really want to have a few hours of an evening to comment and catch up on some of my faves. My big camera needs sorting out so I can take some lovely snaps once more, as a few weeks ago I had a fiddle with it on manual, and I have completely ballsed-up the focus- REALLY need to have another play! 

So that’s us really…just plugging away like everyone and trying to juggle everything. Hopefully the next catch up won’t be so long, and I’ll have some great posts to share with you, especially on the house and home front!

If you want to vote for me in the ‘Best Home and Interiors Blog’ category at The MADS, I would be ever so grateful! 

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Interiors Wishlist: Cushion Cover Love!

As someone who is constantly looking for relatively inexpensive ways to update my home, I have to say that you can’t beat a good old cushion! I love that as well as the homely, comfort factor, a new cushion, or cushion cover, can really change the whole look of a room and the vibe you’re going for. 

They really are the perfect accessory for the time-pressed interior lovers among us,  when it comes to jazzing up the home, and I have made it even easier for you to get shopping for your perfect one by bringing you the best of this season’s cushions and covers!

cushions 1 cushions 2

1. Felt Fox Cushion by Dunelms, now £10.49.

2. Neo Grey/ Red Cushion Cover by Yorkshire Linen Company, £4.99.

3. A-Z Cushion by Next, £10.

4. ‘Hello Sunshine’ Cushion, by Tesco, £8.

5. White round frilled Cushion, by H&M, £14.99

6. Red and White Bird & Butterfly Cushion, by Matalan, £6.

7. ‘Sushi’ Cat patterned cushion, by Habitat, £12.

What do you think of these beauties then?! Are you a cushion person? What’s currently on your sofa?! 

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Win! A Smartphone photography Kit, including a £25 Google Play/ iTunes Voucher

As someone who is always snapping away on their camera, I am always looking for ways to improve my ‘photos on the go’ (as I like to call them!). So I am therefore mega excited to be teaming up with Three Mobile to give you the chance to win a fab Smartphone Photography Kit, including an awesome Bubble Pod (er, hello, super-cool panoramic photos on your phone). The Bubble Pod is compatible with any smartphone, is battery free (hurrah!), connects to your social media accounts and can save pictures as JPEGs, all whilst giving you 360 degree photography joy. Oh, and you’ll also win a not-to-be-sniffed-at £25 worth of Google Play or iTunes vouchers to spend on some cool photography apps. What’s not to love?

I currently have a rather worse-for-wear iPhone 4 (oh, the blogger shame!), and have been on the hunt for, frankly, something better for a while now. Three Mobile have introduced me to their new swanky Honor 6 Smartphone, which is currently exclusively available on the network from £19 up front, then £24 per month on a contract (see their website for further details).

Main device image for Honor 6+ in black.

(The Honor device features a 5.5 inch, 1080×1920 HD display and dual-lens 8MP cameras on the back for powerful focus and laser sharp photography, even at nighttime. It boasts high-end technology in a lightweight and premium designed device. It also has a huge 3600mAh battery which can offer up to two days of use from a single charge on moderate usage. The Honor 6+ also has an unbelievably fast 1.8Hz octa-core Kirin 925 chipset and 3GB of RAM, as well as 32GB of internal storage, perfect for those that like to capture life as it happens, as well as watch video on the go).

The Honor 6 looks fabulous, and is definitely now on my shortlist when it comes to my next new smartphone.

So, to be in with a chance of winning the aforementioned lovely smartphone kit, and improving your smartphone photography, you will need to use the Rafflecopter below and answer the following mandatory question:

‘How long does the battery last for on the Honor 6+?’.

The giveaway is open to UK residents only, and closes at 12am 29th June 2015.

Good luck, and happy snapping!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Written in collaboration with Three Mobile, terms and conditions below.

Terms and conditions for entrants:

  1. The competition will run for 30 days, ending at 12am on Monday 29th June 2015.
  2. To enter the competition, entrants must answer the mandatory question.
  3. The prize is a BubblePod Smartphone stand and a £25 Google Play/itunes Voucher for the winner to purchase a selection of photography apps. 
  4. Participants must be UK residents to win the prize.
  5. This competition is not restricted to Three Mobile customers- any individual on any network can enter.