Zen Tips To Stress-Bust Your Home

Do you find yourself needing a nice, long chill-out session after dealing with the stresses of the day? Do you think the front door of your home should be a gate into a realm where all of that pressure disappears immediately? Make sure you stress-bust your home! 

We all, to some degree, bring our streets home with us, and given the chance, it can grow and fester and impact how much we enjoy our daily life at home. But it doesn’t have to. Below, we’re going to look at some tips on how you can banish stress from the home and enjoy a happier, healthier life as a result.

Create a warm and welcoming focal point

Focal points serve as the core of the room, giving it some semblance of equilibrium. If you don’t have a focal point, but you do have a lot of blank space, it can make a home feel empty and unwelcoming. Feel-good focal points can be found in any part of the home, whether it’s a big, warm fireplace in the living room or an art gallery on the wall of the bathroom. When it comes to deciding what should be your focal point, remember that it’s all about what you love, first of all. Find what you love and find a way to focus the attention of the room on it.

Give yourself something to sink

When you’ve been dealing with a long day of stress, then your body is going to feel it. Stress pain from the back and the joints are very real and many of us need somewhere soothing to throw ourselves. Instead of going straight to bed to feel all miserable, however, you should consider extra comfy seats like bean bags, love seats, or recliners. Don’t decide on all of your furniture based on aesthetic alone, make sure you give yourself a little sumptuousness to welcome your wear body back home, as well.

Don’t let the cold take hold

Naturally, whether we’re feeling warm or cold in our own home can affect how we deal with stress, as well. If we’re shivering even after we try to sit down and relax, that’s only going to increase how much stress we have to deal with. Make sure that your home is able to stay heated and comfy during those colder seasons. You should never have to be forced to rely on a bundle of blankets to stay warm in your own home. Instead, look at local services that may be able to help you install your home insulation for free, or at least at a reduced price, as well as the source of any potential air gaps that might be letting the warm air escape.

Don’t bless this mess

A cluttered home creates a cluttered mind. If you come into your pad and find yourself tripping over objects and unable to find much clear space, then it can all feel very messy and disorganized. Even if it’s not technically “mess”, but rather the clutter of too much decor, it can still have the same kind of effect. Consider, instead, moving for a more minimalist system. You don’t necessarily have to get rid fo anything, just rely on more storage to ensure it has a tidy home. For instance, a little hamper in every room can help you clean up after yourself all the easier, while there are tons of storage furniture options to consider as well.

Rely on the natural

There are few scenes as calming to the human mind as the natural world, be it the garden, park, or woods. If you feel like your four walls are boxing you in, then you might want to look at the organic for some decor ideas. Wooden flooring is extremely popular for just this reason, but you can go beyond that, with stone facades for your walls, granite countertops, and much more. These natural materials can help a home feel much richer and more real. When you’re making any replacements for fixtures or furnishings, look at the natural options on they tend to be a little pricier, but it might be worth it for some peace.

Know your calming colors

When it comes to human psychology, color has a much stronger impact than many might realize. There are some connections we build with certain colors, while others have an innate connection to some mood or feeling that’s almost inexplicable. If you feel like your home isn’t as soothing as it could be, try looking at some different color schemes that could up its zen factor. For instance, if you feel like darker, richer colors are making you feel a little anxious, then a nice sky blue or eggshell could be much calmer and more welcoming.

Bring a touch of softness

How pampered do you feel by your home? Do you feel like every room is doing its best to comfort you or do you feel like you’re coping with uncomfortable sensations more often than you would like? A cold bathroom floor, a scratchy carpet, furniture that’s a little too angular and pinching? Look to add a touch of softness to the home where you can. Add an area rug to that bathroom floor. Replace the carpet with smooth varnished wood flooring. Add a throw and a cushion to your seat. You’ll feel a lot happier at home if you make it a little cozier.

Rely on some aromatherapy

Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses when it comes to governing our perception, memories, and moods. Naturally, you want to banish bad scents, but you should also look at those that can make it feel a lot more relaxing. Made in Italy reed diffusers could help you welcome a wide range of scents into the home, whether you like the sumptuous relaxation of lavender or the sweet and light vanilla. Which scent works best for you will depend on what you want from it and what your natural preferences are, but it can help make the home a more loving place to be.

Welcome in the natural light

Our access to light, natural sunlight especially, plays an important role in our body’s natural cycles, which can cause chaos with our moods when they’re disrupted. It can interfere with our sleep, our metabolism, and our mental health. As such, making sure you use the brightness of the day when it’s available, is important. Let the natural light in by using light window treatments. Then, when it gets darker, don’t aim to brighten up the home completely. Use lamps and other accent lighting to give the home a warm glow while still letting it get a little dimmer and cozier. Make sure you’re not bathing your eyes with too much blue light by using the computer or smartphone too late at night, either, as this can mess up your body’s clock big time.


With the tips above, hopefully your home should be the perfect place to get away from the stresses of the world outside. Thinking about how your home looks, how it feels, and even how it smells can all help you unlock the path to your own garden of relaxation but throughout the whole home. Combining the right environment with the right actions, be it exercise, meditation, or otherwise can help you create a sound soul. The path to relaxation isn’t the exact same for everyone, so play around with the tips mentioned to see what does it for you.

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