Why You Need To Pay Attention to the Little Things When You Pack

Why You Need To Pay Attention to the Little Things When You Pack

When you travel a lot, often it is the little things that catch you out. For example, not getting that dodgy phone battery replaced before you travel. Something simple like that can cause you a lot of problems. If your flight is delayed you can easily end up without a phone to ring a taxi or tell your hotel you are running late.

There are quite a few small, usually inexpensive items you really should not travel without. Here are just a few of them.

The right underwear

Before you go on a long trip you really should go to someone like Simply Be and treat yourself to some new underwear. It is never a good idea to think you can just buy what you need when you reach your destination. Often, you will end up having to wear a cut you don’t like or feel comfortable wearing.

You may also be disappointed with the quality. If you are going on a long trip each item of underwear is going to get worn a lot. You don’t want cheap underwear that loses most of its elasticity after just a couple of weeks.

A printed list of key contact numbers

It is a good idea to draw up a list of important contact numbers and carry it somewhere on your person. Don’t forget to include things like your travel insurance policy number and the IMEI number of your phone. That way if you lose your phone or it runs out of battery you will able to use a payphone and be able to make any important calls. You can easily fit the details you need onto one sheet of paper and fold it up small enough to pop into that little pocket all jeans have.

Preload your phone with the right apps

Speaking of phones, it is a good idea to load yours with all of the apps you need before you travel. That way, if you arrive at the airport and can’t find a taxi you will be able to use your local transport app to quickly work out which bus, tram or train you need.

A sealable plastic bag

A large ziplock bag can come in handy when you have not got enough time to dry out your towel, swimming costume or clothes you have had to rinse out before moving on. You can either lay it flat in the bottom of your case or slip a few things into it to keep them separate from other things.

A basic first aid kit

Being able to sort out a cut or bite or deal with a headache or stomach bug will save you time, money and distress. You should always pack a very basic first aid kit. This article explains what needs to be included in your travel first aid kit.

It is also wise to pack a few days extra prescription medication, so that having your flight delayed by a couple of days does not turn into a health crisis.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this slightly tongue in cheek post, but can still appreciate the wisdom of the above advice. If you want more advice, click here to read my top packing tips. You will find some unusual tips in that post, but I promise you the will save you from packing stuff you don’t need and help you to get more into a small case.

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