Why our health matters

When did you last run for the bus or take the kids for a swim? Without our health, we can’t do these everyday things. It’s only when a winter flu stops us in our tracks or we whack our toe against the bed post that we realise how much we depend on having a fully functioning, healthy body.

It’s so easy to not acknowledge when we’re feeling poorly, both mentally and physically. But putting our wellbeing to the back of our minds so we can plough through the school run and working day can have a long-lasting effect. And what if our health has taken a hammering for reasons beyond our control?

Here’s a look at what you can do if your health suffers and how you can put your wellness first.

Listen to your body

Ignoring symptoms for as long as possible before going to the doctor can be more damaging than if you go when you first notice the issue. Therefore, it’s important that you take the time to consider the issues you’ve been having.

It’s easier said than done when you’re so busy but pausing what you’re doing to think about that pain you’ve had in your shoulder or the cough you’ve had for a few months can be the crucial first step towards helping your health.

See a doctor

Once you’ve acknowledged the problem, book that GP appointment. Setting aside a space in the schedule to go and see an expert might seem obvious, but many of us admit to holding on for as long as possible before going to a doctor, showing that we’re in denial about our health.

If you’re still holding out before making that appointment, ask yourself why this is. Are you worried about what they’ll say? Is it embarrassment? Or are you more concerned about the impact on your life if you’re referred to a specialist?

By confronting the reason why you’re hesitating head-on, you can acknowledge the issue before making that appointment.

When the medical care received is the problem

But what if your health declines for a different reason? Hospital negligence can be one reason for your failing health. In this instance, seeking compensation can help, especially if your career and home life has been affected by the injury sustained.

By taking the steps to file against negligence, it can be possible to help both your physical health and your mental wellbeing as the main goal is to restore the life you had.


Whether you’re avoiding getting help or you need some other form of healthcare assistance, it’s important that you put your needs first. Are you someone who avoids seeing the doctor? Will you go in the future?




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  1. November 28, 2019 / 2:04 pm

    I agree – so important to listen to your body especially and take a break when needed. As parents, we often don’t get enough sleep and one of the main functions of sleep is to repair the body.

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