Discovering WhizKidsLab: Real Bug Specimen STEM set – Review

Discovering WhizKidsLab: Real Bug Specimen STEM set – Review

When WhizKidsLab got in touch to see if our family would like to review their Real Bug Specimen STEM set, one member of the clan immediately sprang to mind- our Freddie! At nearly 8 years old, Freddie is really into all things science and nature, and for the past few years has had a natural interest in bugs, insects and general creepy crawlies. He devours books on them, as well as watching any TV programme featuring them, so we thought he would be the perfect candidate to try this set out. 

The set features 4 real bugs, beautifully preserved in clear acrylic blocks, and comes with a mini magnifying glass, and double-sided fun fact sheet and poster. 

There is also a fun snap-shut case to store the bug blocks (as Freddie calls them!) in, meaning that they’re protected and that actually this turns into a pretty cool set to be able to store well or take out and about with you without them breaking. 

Suitable for children aged 3 and over (but I think much older children also would really enjoy this set), the magnifying glass is easy to hold and use, and a great first, fun introduction to this instrument. 

Freddie and I spent a fun-filled hour last weekend evening inspecting our insects, and F was delighted to see that a stag beetle was among them, something that we had found in our own garden a few months ago and which are pretty rare. 

The poster led to conversations about different insect groups, and we worked out what groups our encased insects would be in. I actually learnt a lot as an adult, and it was a nice, stress-free way to spend some time together.

I love activities that are really educational but that don’t actually feel like structured learning. Interestingly, it also supported his current school topic on Ancient Egypt, as a scarab beetle was  one of the insects in our kit (the scarab beetle represented the Egyptian god Khepri, and they were/are found all over Egypt). 

The blocks were just the right size for viewing the insects clearly, and Freddie liked the fact he could get a good view of the scorpion’s stinger! We talked about whether or not a scorpion could still sting you if it’s dead- conversations you don’t imagine having pre-kids but are actually marvelous and make you think. 

This set would make a fantastic stocking filler, although at £13.99 it might be a little on the pricey side for some people for this purpose, but is great value as a standalone present or purchase to have at home. It will most definitely be passed on to little Arlo when the time comes, and Sasha (6) has already had a go herself and enjoyed it!


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*Thanks to WhizKidsLab for our lovely set!



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