White Floorboards in our Bedroom

bedroom with white painted floorboardswhite floorboards

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted a house update on the blog! I’m hoping that now the kids are back at school and preschool (for how long who knows?), I now have more time to dedicate again to this online space of mine, alongside my business, and that I can really enjoy writing creatively and for fun, as well as using my camera more. Today on the blog is all about creating white floorboards in our bedroom!  

Whilst our bedroom has been decorated for quite a while now, I’ve felt for a while now that it was let down by the manky old carpet in the room. It wasn’t the worst in the world, but it was a shade of beige that did nothing for the walls and styling, and I knew that it had to go. I do like carpet in the bedroom sometimes (especially now I think in the kids’ room, so they can get down on the floor and play), but as I was unsure as to whether carpet WAS what we were going to go for long term, plus the expense of having one fitted right now, meant my thoughts were heading more and more towards floorboards for our own bedroom. We had painted floorboards in our old-old house, and really liked the look of them then. 

I persuaded Adam that floorboards were the way to go, but we were undecided whether we attempted to sand and oil the boards, or simply paint white. After pulling up some of the carpet, we could see that the floorboards were generally in great condition, but as some had been replaced, we decided that it would be a massive faff to then try and stain/varnish/oil the newer ones in order to match the others, with no guarantee of a great result. We also had some leftover white floorboard paint from when our study was decorated, so decided to crack on with using this once we had lightly sanded the boards and then pulled out the staples from the old carpet underlay. 

We removed all the carpet, and then started painting one half of the room, taking 3 coats to complete the first side, then moving the furniture back over and doing the same with the other half.

I was surprised that we only needed one more 2.5l tin of Ronseal White Floorboard paint, so all in all this project cost us under £40 for brand new floor! 

I feel so happy with this room now (plus mega chuffed with my £60 teal chair from Homebase)- we just need a new, slicker telly for the wall and I can tick this room off as a job well done! 


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