What Arlo would like for Christmas – Part 1 Gift Guide – Peppa Pig

What Arlo would like for Christmas – Part 1 Gift Guide – Peppa Pig

I am so excited for this Christmas for Arlo. Last year he was only just under 6 months old and had clearly no clue what was going on when it came to the festivities in the Freeman household. And whilst he might still only be 18 months old this December, I always think this is the age where they might have an INKLING of what’s going on, even if it’s just being allowed to go crazy ripping up wrapping paper, or opening a door on the advent calendar every day to reveal a colourful picture. I also feel that the brightly decorated tree is going to hold a lot of interest too! 

When it comes to presents we won’t go mad at the age he’s at, but there are definitely some things that we know will go down a storm, and he’s also at the age whereby he loves certain characters now, so some of these will also feature. I know how much the older two loved them, and I’m sure Arlo will be no different. 

In Part 1 of this mini series, here are some of the Peppa-related things that our little guy might find under the tree on Christmas day…

Peppa Pig Cash Register

Arlo is suddenly into all things Peppa Pig in a BIG way. Every time she comes on the telly he shouts and points, and he also loves playing with the older two’s old Peppa figures. So what could be better than a toy that encompasses Peppa Pig AND actually will grow with him over the next year or two and help teach numbers, as well as developing great role play scenarios?

This cash register comes with several pretend items of food and groceries to ‘swipe’ through the till, buttons to open and close it and you can keep ‘Peppa money’ and her bank card in there. I know Arlo will LOVE the fact that it beeps when you swipe, and I can see us spending a long time playing with this. What I also like about it is the fact there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate other existing play food into your games, meaning that this toy has a great shelf life for any Peppa fan. At RRP of around £20, it’s not too harsh on the old Christmas spends either. 

Peppa Pig House Tea Playset

This will be a perfect present for our Peppa-mad little guy, as currently he is starting to enjoy playing with Sasha’s more fragile tea set, unfortunately breaking one of her plates already, so he ideally needs something a little sturdier for himself. This tea set is FABULOUS, and the house-shaped tea pot is so quirky and cute – I don’t know about Arlo yet obviously but I certainly love it!

The tea set is modelled around Peppa’s own house (as any avid watcher will know), and plays the Peppa theme tune (which you may or may not love 😉 ) when you press the teapot door and then the windows light up! When you pour you hear ‘glug ‘ sounds, and then you can open the roof to hear Peppa Pig’s snort! 

The set also comes with 4 teacups, saucers and spoons, a milk jug and a sugar pot with lid, so plenty of opportunity for more imaginative play with teddies, friends etc. This is RRP around £18, so again very reasonable. I’m actually eyeing up another one of these for one of my god daughters who is also a big fan of Peppa! 

Do your little ones loves Peppa? Have you spied anything Peppa-themed to get as a present for a toddler? If so, I’d love to hear so I can add the idea to our potential list! 


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