We All Need Some Kind Of Relaxation Room

What a wonderful time to be alive and witness a great shift in the interior design and home design worlds. We knew that this change was coming but it seems like the New Year has catapulted a series of new movements at breakneck speed. One of these trends is a return to a more traditional and warm home. Suddenly it’s no longer about aesthetic style but comfort style. Does your home have a relaxation room? It used to be called the lounge or smoking room about a hundred or so years ago. It was dedicated to providing homeowners and guests a place to sit and relax. It’s was a recluse, a haven in which you could forget the world for a few hours. This is something contemporary homes lack but perhaps not for much longer.

It’s not about the bedroom

You might think that the perfect room to create a more relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. A relaxation room is one for the daytime, not necessarily for sleeping in. It should offer you the chance to nap while sitting, but it’s not designed to take over from the role of the bedroom, nor merge them together. Choose a dedicated room which you don’t use often, don’t really need and gives you plenty of space to create a space for at least two people to come and relax.

Marks of the style

A relaxation room has to have a few things in it that show you, that this is a room which you can relax in. An egg or winged fabric chair is essential if you’re going for a 70s retro look. A fabric sofa is definitely high up on the list. LED lamps on small side drawers must be kept near the chairs. There shouldn’t be any ceiling lights if the room is small but LED dimmer lights that can change colors would be a nice touch. Purple calming light is very popular at the moment, so this is something you might want to apply. Perhaps one of these yamaha upright pianos could stand in the corner of the room, giving you a place to learn, practice or play soothing symphonies. An Ottoman is an absolute must as you simply need to be able to put your feet up. Fainting chairs would be a nice touch as you can sit or lie down on a padded surface.

Surrounded by company

As you sit or lie in your relaxation room, you must not stare at blank walls. Hanging up artwork that you find soothing and calming is the hallmark of an effective relaxation room. It doesn’t have to be complex or grand. It can be simplistic and minimal. Placing figurines around the room that speaks to your nature is also something you must do. Place them on the window sill, drawers and coffee table to give them a prominent position.

It’s getting less rare these days to see an entire room be made for daytime relaxation. The lounge room seems to be making a comeback, but it’s currently in the form of a relaxation room.


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