Victorian Vigour – Resurrect Your Interiors With Vintage Style

Victorian Vigour – Resurrect Your Interiors With Vintage Style

If thinking about redecorating your space or even adding a few accessories to your place, vintage pieces and artwork can be a fantastic place to start. Vintage furnishings and decorations give your home style, but if done correctly it can also add an extra sense of elegance and pizazz. With the right approach, creating a chic, updated version of your living space requires little effort but gives great results.

Find an interior decorator in Melbourne and create a comfy, cosy space that draws on themes from another era. However, as opposed to decor that might leave your place looking dated, consider revamping vintage pieces and art to reflect more modern décor. While Victorian times might have long passed, this particular style, when updated, can create the sense of living in another time modernised by creativity and invention.

Continue reading to learn more about how you can add a touch of class and elegance to your interior with a vintage vibe.  

Repaint Cabinets And Other Major Fixtures

If trying to update vintage furniture or other accessories from this era, consider looking to the walls, cabinets, and fireplace as a place to create the illusion of modernity. Painting these areas, especially cabinets in the kitchen, can update the look of the pieces used to decorate the space. Ideally, you want to stick to neutral or even lighter colours, but those with an adventurous flair might try brighter colours to bring style to the retro space.

Try Contrast

Whether you have light furnishings or dark ones, one way to update the look is to contrast your furnishings with colours. If your furnishings are light, consider blending darker tones of tan or brown. If furnishings are greyish-blue, consider light grey or even a two-toned wall of dark and light grey-blue. If furnishings are dark, consider a stark white to add contrast and make the room interesting. Another good colour mix is white walls with furnishings that are in the mustard, tan, or brown colour range. Whatever approach you decide to take, contrasting colours will not only spark up a room it will also make the room interesting.

Revamp Your Flooring

Another way to revamp a vintage look is to remove wall-to-wall carpeting and to replace it with wood flooring. Wood flooring adds a touch of class to any home and the flooring can brighten the room and add a little bit contrast and pop to the space. Whether your space is accented by vintage tables and chairs or other sophisticated soft furnishings, the flooring will add more flair to the rooms making it appear classic and old but modern and chic.

Use Antique Mirrors And Other Accessories

If you have antique mirrors, candleholders, and other accessories, consider contrasting them with updated furnishings. For a more interesting living space, use your modern furniture with a vintage coffee or end tables. In the bathroom, change out modern mirrors and install sleek, intricate, old-style versions over your sink. If your bathroom is large enough and has two sinks, consider playing with a little symmetry and installing mirrors of varying sizes. Whether decorating your living space or bathroom, these pieces can provide your room with a retro-modern feel.

Feature Lighting Fixtures

As a part of accessorising the place, chandeliers can add a nice touch to a dining room, especially if the dining table and chairs are vintage in style. In the living room and bedrooms, consider using lamps, to lightly accessorise the space. These touches do not overwhelm the room, but they allow your visitors to get a sense of the timelessness that is a part of the décor.

Mixing The Old With The New

Using furnishing and accessories from days gone by can add flair to a living space, while at the same time, it can leave those inhabiting the space with a sense that the rooms are not dated. Play with colour, use contrast, use wood flooring, and finding artful accessories can really make a drab room bright. This will help to make the space inviting and interesting to visitors and a fun and exciting place for you to enjoy every day.

Do you have a Victorian home? Or do you just like Victorian styling?

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